4 High CPM Niches For Cash Cow YouTube Channel (Best Niches for YouTube Automation Channel)

(Last Updated On: March 19, 2023)

Starting a cash cow YouTube channel can be a highly profitable business. 

And one of the most important things you should do, when starting your channel, is to pick the right niche. In this article, I will be going over the top 4 most profitable Youtube niches in 2023.

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What Exactly is Cash Cow YouTube Channel

In any case, if you don’t know what a cash cow channel is, then this is a type of YouTube channel, where you are making videos and never showing your face.

While you can create the content by yourself, most often, the goal is to outsource the entire video creation, which is also called YouTube automation.

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4 High CPM Niches For Cash Cow YouTube Channel

If you are interested in starting a cash cow channel and making money on YouTube, then you need to pick the right niche, with the highest CPM possible. 


Top 10 Zone Youtube channel

The first niche, I like to mention, is the top technology niche. 

It is a channel, where the videos are reviewing the top 5 or top 10 latest technologies. A great example is a Top10Zone channel.

They are making simple top 10 videos, for example, the top 10 best laptops, best body massager machines, best electric scooters, and so on.

They are pulling the clips and images from different websites or videos, combining them in a top 10 list, and adding a voice-over. 

The Top10Zone is a channel that is doing pretty well, it has around five hundred thousand subscribers.

Let’s go to Social Blade which is a website where you can see how much money a concrete YouTube channel earns. 

According to Social Blade, they are making up to 6 thousand dollars per month, but Social Blade is calculating this by 4 dollars CPM, which is not correct.

Channels in the tech niche are usually getting around 15 dollars per thousand views. So, according to me, this channel is earning at least 4 times more. 

Business and Luxury

Alux Youtube channel

The next niche is a business and luxury-related niche. And the best example is the Alux channel.

When I scroll through these videos, you will see that most of them are top 15 or top 10 lists which are business or luxury-related videos.

While the business niche is oversaturated, it has a great CPM or RPM which means this channel is earning lots of money.

In this niche, you can expect at least 20 dollars per thousand views and if we go to the Social Blade, we can see that in the last 30 days, the Alux channel has 6,7 million views. 

So, let’s calculate the potential earnings. With 6,7 million monthly views, a 10-dollar CPM in the lowest end, they are making at least 67 thousand dollars per month.  

This is amazing. And while they are a huge company, just by watching a single video, you can see that they are using stock footage and combining it in an interesting video.

On one side, this is a professional-looking channel, but it is also a faceless cash cow channel. 

Personal Finance

Proactive Thinker Youtube channel

The next and even more profitable niche is personal finance.

An example here is a channel called Proactive Thinker.

This channel is doing simple videos about personal finance and if you go to their videos, sort them by most popular, for example, Investing in stock for beginners5 books you must read before you die5 ways rich people make money with debt, and more. 

So, they are making financial-type videos that get millions of views, and with a CPM of 20 or 30 dollars per thousand views, they are making tons of money.


Altcoin Daily Youtube channel

The last, and insanely profitable niche, is crypto-related content. 

And a great example of a cash cow channel in a crypto niche is a channel called Altcoin Daily.

This is a channel, all about investing in crypto, which is a popular topic right now, and they are making educational-type videos about cryptocurrency. They don’t show their face, they are just talking about the latest news and so on.

When we go to the Social Blade, we can see, that this channel is making around 25 thousand a month, but again, this is calculated with a maximum of 4 dollars CPM, which is not correct in the crypto niche. In this category, you should get at least 20 dollars per 1000 views, so this channel is making much over 100 thousand dollars in a month. Which is crazy.   

And that is for the best-paying youtube niches for your cash cow channel. 

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