Youtube CPM Rates by Country 2023 (Tips to Increase YouTube CPM and Revenue)

As a YouTube creator, you know that your earnings depend heavily on your CPM rates. CPM (cost per thousand) refers to how much advertisers pay per 1,000 ad impressions.

The higher your CPM, the more money you’ll earn from the ads displayed on your videos. However, CPM rates vary widely based on your audience’s location.

In this post, I’ll break down the latest YouTube CPM rates by country. I’ve researched so you can optimize your channel’s monetization no matter where your viewers are.

Why YouTube CPM Rates Vary by Country

CPM rates are based on the local advertising rates and audience demographics in each country.

  • Factors like costs of living, ad inventory, internet access, and purchasing power all impact how much advertisers will pay to reach viewers in specific countries.

For example, advertisers pay more to show ads to audiences in wealthy countries like the USA, Canada, and Australia. The high costs of living and disposable incomes make those viewers prime targets.

Meanwhile, developing countries with lower costs of living and purchasing power see much lower YouTube CPM rates.

But it’s not all about average income levels. Niche factors like local ad competition and audience interests also sway CPMs up or down.

That’s why you can’t predict YouTube earnings just by GDP alone. The CPM differences between countries are complex.

But whether your viewers hail from high CPM or low CPM nations, the ad revenue potential is still there.

Let’s look at the hard numbers so you can start earning the maximum revenue from your target countries.

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Highest YouTube CPM Rates by Country

Based on the latest public data and my own YouTube monetization experience, these countries offer the highest YouTube CPM rates globally:

CountryAverage CPM (USD)
United States$32.75
New Zealand$28.15
United Kingdom$21.59

Australia tops the list with an average YouTube CPM of over $36!

Advertisers pay a premium to reach viewers in Australia thanks to the high wages and spending power there. Overall ad rates Down Under are also very high.

The United States and Canada take the next spots, with CPM rates over $29 on average. The large advertising markets and affluent populations make North American viewers highly monetizable.

New Zealand and several North and West European nations round out the top ten highest-paying countries. The combination of small, wealthy populations and niche factors like languages keep CPM rates robust.

Now let’s look at the flip side – the lowest YouTube CPM rates globally.

Lowest YouTube CPM Rates by Country

Here are the countries offering the weakest YouTube monetization potential based on current CPM averages:

CountryAverage CPM (USD)

Many developing countries in Africa and South/Southeast Asia anchor the low end of global YouTube CPM rates.

Factors like low wages, limited advertising markets, and spotty internet access reduce the monetization potential in these areas.

For example, YouTube only launched Partner Program monetization in Kenya in 2021. So the ad market is still emerging, keeping CPM rates under $0.50 for now.

India and the Philippines offer CPM rates near $1.00. But with over 1 billion combined population, the sheer viewer volume still presents opportunities.

Now that you know the CPM landscape, let’s talk optimization strategies.

Optimizing Your YouTube Channel for Higher CPM Rates

As a creator, you can’t change the core economic factors impacting YouTube CPMs in each country.

However, you can optimize your content to earn the maximum revenue within each market.

Here are 5 tips to boost your CPM rates globally:

1. Analyze Your Audience Geography

Dig into your YouTube Analytics to see which countries your viewers come from. Are they concentrated in high-CPM or low-CPM nations?

This insight helps you benchmark your current earnings and find untapped opportunities.

2. Fine Tune Your Content For High CPM Countries

Research popular topics, trends, and styles for your top CPM locations. Then tweak your content to better resonate in those markets.

Optimizing for Australia? Throw in some Aussie slang! Targeting Germany? Consider creating videos in German.

Even small localization tweaks can boost engagement in lucrative areas.

3. Use YouTube Cards With Targeted Offers

YouTube cards let you overlay clickable teasers during your videos. Use them to promote affiliate offers tailored to high CPM viewers.

For example, highlight a travel package for Swiss viewers or an electronics retailer offer for Korean subscribers. This raises audience interest and your earnings.

4. Collaborate With Creators In High CPM Countries

Partner with YouTube channels in places like the USA, UK, and Australia. Cross-promote content to expand your reach in lucrative areas.

Collab videos also introduce you to new audiences. Win-win for revenue!

5. Double Down on Longer Videos

YouTube typically pays higher CPM rates for videos over 8 minutes long compared to short clips. That’s because longer videos retain viewers, giving more ad impressions.

Review your analytics and consider shifting to more long-form content optimized for watch time and mid-video ads.

The Takeaway: Audience Geography Matters

As you can see, a YouTube channel’s earnings potential depends heavily on audience geography. By optimizing your content for lucrative regions, you can maximize your CPM rates globally.

Use this updated breakdown of YouTube CPM rates by country as a benchmark for your channel. Analyze your top viewership sources, then tailor your videos, promotions, and collaborations accordingly.

With smart localization and offers, you can tap into the highest ad rates worldwide. Now get out there and boost your global YouTube earnings! Your fans – and wallet – will thank you.


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