How to Start a Cash Cow YouTube Channel in Meditation Niche

(Last Updated On: January 9, 2023)

Starting a cash cow YouTube channel in the meditation niche is easy to do.

But a lot of tips about this topic you are seeing online are misleading.

At least, in theory, it is relatively easy to produce a video in the meditation category, but making money from it is the hardest and most frustrating part.

Unless you can avoid these mistakes I will show you in this video and start a meditation YouTube channel the right way. 

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What is Cash Cow YouTube Channel

In the beginning, I should explain to you what a cash cow YouTube channel is. 

In simple words, it is a channel that you create only to make money. You don’t show your face and you are not emotionally connected to this type of channel.

And in many cases, the content this channel is producing falls under the YouTube automation model.

This simply means, all the content, script, voiceover, and video editing, is outsourced, so the person behind the channel can have more time to run multiple YouTube channels. 

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Start a Cash Cow YouTube Channel in Meditation Niche

The most important part of creating a cash cow channel is finding a niche.

A niche is a focused, targeted category that you serve particularly well. It is small, specific, and targets a small audience.

In this case, meditation is a niche. So, how do you start a meditation channel?

Firstly, let’s start with what other Youtubers are saying on how to make a meditation channel.

They are teaching you a simple method. Get calming, soothing music, either free from the YouTube library or for a few dollars on Fiverr, use free stock footage from Pixabay or Pexels and create a 10 or 20-minute long video. That’s all. 

However, this doesn’t work.

This is a completely wrong method, that will never get you tons of views. 

Just go ahead to YouTube and type meditation. At the top, you are seeing channels with millions of subscribers, channels that are an authority in this category.

Meditation Youtube channel

Do you think your new channel, with a few generic, boring videos, can beat these giants? 

No. You need to find your way. Niche down. This is the only good method on how to create a meditation Youtube channel.

When I said niche down, this simply means, you need to find a subcategory in the meditation niche. Just go to Google and type the subcategory of meditation. 

And do research. 

The first article I like is from Headspace. In this article, you can find a few interesting ideas and meditation categories. You can see, Zen meditationMantra meditation, Chakra meditation, and much more.

And even here, niche down. Why not make mantra meditation for beginners, or for people who don’t have time and need a short and intense meditation. 

As I said before, do research.

I know, it takes time, but do your research.

If done correctly, you can create a niche-focused meditation channel that will provide value to its views.

Remember, you need to grab the attention of your viewers, and give them something back. Don’t upload some boring or trashy videos to get quick money. 

With the right niche, you can easily find the right audience that will love your content. 

Where to Find Content for Meditation Cash Cow Channel

However, where you can find content, you can use it for your meditation channel. 

Here is what I would do.

For video, I would go to Pexels or Storyblock. Pexels is free and has lots of high-quality videos with a free media license you can use for commercial projects. Storyblocks on the other hand is a subscription-based platform, but for 30 dollars a month you get access to millions of amazing videos you can use to create your meditation video.

For music, I would go to Fiverr. While you can use free music from the YouTube music library, I don’t recommend it. The music is usually used in thousands of videos, and you need to stand out. 

Go to Fiverr and buy high-quality calming, meditation music. The seller will give you access to pretty good music that even comes with a license, so you can freely use it on your video.

So, combine video footage and music, and create at least 10-minute long videos to get the full potential of YouTube ads. 

Avoid These Mistakes When Creating Meditation YouTube Channel

If you want to have a successful cash cow YouTube channel in the meditation niche, avoid these mistakes. 

The first mistake to avoid is to buy a meditation video from Fiverr. I know, it sounds like a great time-saver, however, think a little bit. 

Is the seller creating a meditation video every time it has an order?

In most cases, the answer is NO.

A lot of sellers will create a portfolio of videos and then they sell you one. You are buying a ready-made video.  

And when you upload such a video on YouTube, it could fall under the repetitious content category.

Repetitious content is how YouTubu classifies content that is very similar to other content available in your channel. Simply put, when YouTube cannot find a difference going from one video to another, then it goes against its monetization policies and can demonetize your channel. 

YouTube wants you to create unique content. Then follow this policy and create unique content. 

The second mistake to avoid is that you are giving up too early. Making money on YouTube is not simple. It takes time, a lot of effort, and what’s more, patience. 

In a meditation niche, there is huge competition.

Channels with millions of subscribers, and having a channel in this category means you need to make lots of videos.

I recommend creating at least 30 videos, and then analyze the type of video that gets most of the views. After that, you know what is working and create content that will be close the video with a huge viewing number.