Youtube Automation Method Explained (How to Make Money on YouTube)

Passive income.

Magic words for many people.

Every day, millions of them are looking for new strategies for generating so-called passive income.

A type of income you earn regularly without much involvement. 

And one of the biggest trends when talking about passive income right now is the YouTube automation method.

In fact, this is not a method, when done correctly, then it can be a successful business model.

If you are interested, in this article, I will be going over everything you need to know about YouTube Automation

But to begin with, it’s important to explain the basics.

What is Cash Cow Channel?

In any case, if you have never heard this term, then the cash cow YouTube channel is a type of channel, where you are making videos and never showing your face. 

This is a faceless channel created with one single purpose. To make you money. 

YouTube is full of such channels… LooperWatchMojo, and more. 

When done correctly, then this can be a lucrative business.

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Youtube Automation Method Explained

YouTube Automation is a method that helps creators who are running cash cow YouTube channels to automate the process of creating videos. 

What’s more, it helps people to run multiple channels. 

And that’s why I don’t think YouTube Automation is a scam.

For me, this is a legit business model based on the same principle most websites are making their content. 

I’m also using the same method to run my websites. And I’ve been doing it for years.

Then why not create an entire YouTube channel that can run even without you?

Let me explain it. 

The process of making videos on YouTube can be automated. This means that you don’t have to do almost any work. 

When you create a YouTube video, there are five main things that you as a creator must go through. 

You need a video idea, then write a scriptmake a voice-overedit the video and the last step is to create the thumbnail.

That’s all. Really.

And the cool thing about this is that each of these processes can be outsourced. You can easily hire someone at places like Fiverr or Upwork. 

Fiverr for YouTube channels

Video Idea

The first step in creating a video is to always come up with an idea for the video. The research is a pretty time-consuming process. However, when you know what your YouTube channel is about, it’s quite easy to hire someone to come up with dozens of video ideas for your channel.

Script Writing

The next step is to write a script for a video. For an 8-minute long video, which is the recommended length of video right now, you will need a script with at least 1000 words.

Go to Fiverr and hire a scriptwriter. 

But be careful, hire a writer with good skills, because this process determines the main content of the video.


In the next step, you need to hire someone to do a voice-over. This is probably the most difficult and most expensive step. You need to find a person for a long-term collaboration.

You don’t want to have a YouTube channel with 30 videos and each video has a commentary with a different voice. 

You should also understand that not all voice types are suitable for all types of videos. So, again, take your time and find 1 or 2 interesting voice actors on Fiver or Upwork and work with them on a regular basis. 

Video Editing

Video editing is the next step in the creation of the video, and also this can be outsourced.

Hire a person and give him the script, and voice-over and emphasize that he only needs to use video footage and images with licenses for commercial use.

Because you are creating videos for the money, you need to get your channel monetized. 

Thumbnail Design

The last step is probably the least expensive. For a few dollars, you hire a graphic designer who will create a YouTube thumbnail for your video. 

That’s all. 

Using AI Tools For YouTube Automation

While techniques like the YouTube Automation Method leverage data to optimize finished videos, AI allows us to streamline creation from start to finish.

With AI, we can automate scriptwriting, voiceovers, editing, and more.

One revolutionary tool is AI-powered writing assistants.

After providing some initial prompts and direction, these AI tools can generate full scripts for YouTube videos.

You are providing key talking points, target length, tone and other guidance. The AI assistant then structures a script filled with unique dialogue, scene descriptions, and formatting. This automated scriptwriting saves creators hours of work.

AI transcription services also unlock easier scriptwriting. Rather than manually typing a script, YouTubers can simply speak their thoughts and ideas out loud.

Advanced speech recognition transcribes it into an intelligent script layout. Any needed revisions can also be done by voice.

Once the script is finalized, AI text-to-speech services enable fully automated voiceovers. You can feed scripts into the AI to synthesize professional voice recordings in their preferred language and accent.

This achieves high-quality voiceovers without recording studios or expensive equipment.

Powerful text-to-video AI can then take both the script and voiceover to automatically generate an entire video.

This technology edits footage and images to match the script, integrates graphics, and produces a complete video with no human editing required. AI handles pacing, visuals and effects tailored to the script.

Other innovative AI tools focus just on editing. For example, AI editors can analyze raw footage, then add transitions, text, effects and music. This automated editing assembles all the pieces in a cohesive, engaging way based on learned video editing principles.

By combining AI tools for scripting, voiceovers, automated editing and more, you can produce complete high-quality videos with minimal human effort. The AI handles the bulk of creative and technical work.

This frees up creators to focus on big picture strategy, content ideas and optimizing for the YouTube algorithm.

Can You Make Money With YouTube Automation

Now you understand what YouTube automation is about.

And that this method is legit.

You don’t need to buy a course that will teach you how to create such a YouTube channel. 

The main idea of Youtube automation is to get all these processes done by someone else and all you really need to do is to upload the videos and make money.

Sounds simple.

While it is not a really passive income, it works.

You can actually find people to do all this work for you on freelance websites like Fiverr or Upwork.

However, it is expensive. 

A single video can cost you around $50, and for a start, your YouTube channel needs 10 or 20 videos.

So, we are talking about an investment of $1000. This is a huge amount of money, but when your channel gets monetized, you can make it back. 

Earning with YouTube automation can be simple.

If you already own a YouTube channel and you are making about $1k per month, you can now spend about $500 on automation and still make $500 per month.

In short, YouTube automation is not a scam but is not as easy as you think.

However, there is still no need to buy an expensive course that will teach you how to create videos for the cash cow channel.

All the information you need can be already found on YouTube, for free.

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