Sell Digital Products Online: A Simple Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

Hey you, yeah you reading this right now!

Have you ever thought about selling your digital products on the internet?

I’m talking eBooks, photos, online video classes – you name it!

But then that little voice in your head goes “Hhmm, sounds complicated, I could never figure all that tech stuff out.”

I get it!

Between building a website, getting a shopping cart, and who knows what else, it seems like a full-on headache.

Well guess what?

I’m here to tell you that voice in your head is straight-up wrong!

Selling digital products online is pretty simple if you break it down step-by-step.

Don’t believe me?

Then allow me to drop some knowledge bombs and convince you otherwise!

Get this – over 35 million Americans have sold something online before.

And I bet most of them aren’t computer geniuses! So if everyday people can build online businesses, so can you.

Just think through the basics: make something to sell, put it somewhere people can buy it, and then tell people about your awesome thing. See, not so scary!

Let’s walk through how to actually make this happen so you can be the next everyday entrepreneur making that sweet online side money.

Or heck, even replace your regular old-day job!

STEP 1: Create Digital Products

Obviously, to sell something online, you need to like, you know, make something.

But don’t stress!

There are so many options for easy digital products you can create even if you’re not super techy.

How about an eBook to teach a skill or share your life experiences?

I’ve seen people make eBooks about anything from learning languages to quitting smoking to adopting pets. And you definitely have unique knowledge from your own journey that could help others!

If writing isn’t your jam, you can build an online course by recording videos through your computer.

So many businesses use Skype or Zoom meetings nowadays, so you already know how to record videos!

Chop those bad boys up into lessons to educate your viewers on a topic you know well.

Or whip out your iPhone and snap some pretty pictures! Slap your photos together into collections around themes like nature, sunsets, architecture, and pets – you get the gist.

The options are endless.

No matter what you choose, just make sure your digital product actually helps people out. Give them real value! That way they’ll be jazzed about what you’re selling.

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STEP 2: Pick a Platform to Sell

Sell Digital Products Online

Okay, so you’ve got your shiny new digital product ready to make you a millionaire.


But it is prepared to make you some sweet cash. Now you just need a place to sell it.

Luckily there are tons of websites you can use to host your eBook, online course, photos, whatever!

They make it stupidly simple to get your stuff in front of people online.

Some popular choices are Etsy, Shopify, Gumroad, and Creative Market.

They all let you easily upload your digital files and make them shoppable for the public. A

nd get this – these sites handle all the payment processing and delivery to customers for you! Um, talk about the easy street.

So for example, you could create an account on Etsy and then list your eBook in their online marketplace.

When a curious reader finds your listing and buys it – cha-ching! – Etsy emails them a copy and deposits your money into your bank account.

Dang, almost too good to be true!

STEP 3: Promote Your Products

Alright, your digital product is live for sale online.

Go pop some champagne and celebrate! Just kidding.

The real celebration comes when that cash starts rolling in from customers. But people have to know your stuff exists before they can buy it!

This is where the marketing magic happens.

No one likes sleazy sales pitches. But sharing your knowledge and passion around your products? Now that makes people take an interest!

Start by telling your friends and family.

Ask them to share with their networks.

Word of mouth from people you trust matters big time. Then build on that by sharing your own stories related to your products on social media. Give people a taste of your expertise!

From there you can even reach out directly to bloggers or influencers in your industry. Lots will be thrilled to try your product themselves or partner on a promotion for their audience. The exposure possibilities are endless.

See, spreading your digital product message ain’t so tough!

And the more folks who discover what you’re offering, the more potential paying customers you’ll reel in.


So let’s recap real quick.

Making and selling something online is pretty straightforward if you take it step-by-step:

  1. Make valuable digital products based on your own experiences and knowledge
  2. Use simple websites that help you get your products online
  3. Tell the world through your networks, social media, and influencers

When you break it down like that, it’s not so scary huh?

And tons of average joes and janes just like you are already making extra cash (or even a full-time living) thanks to digital products.

So what’s something you could create and sell? Get your mind whirring with ideas!

Because I wasn’t kidding earlier – you really do have special knowledge and talents that could help other people.

Why not put those bad boys to work to make some money too?

Even starting small is a win.

Test the online sales waters! Because you never know what awesome places it could take you.

The only thing standing between you and your first digital product sale is jumping in.


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