How to Create Cash Cow YouTube Channel (Tips to Start with YouTube Automation)

(Last Updated On: January 9, 2023)

If you want to learn how to make money on YouTube in 2023, even without showing your face, then in this article, I will introduce you to the concept of the cash cow YouTube channel.

What is Cash Cow YouTube Channel?

The term Cash Cow YouTube channel means that the creator of the channel is anonymous and does not show his face in the video.   

And even in 2023, it is possible to rapidly grow such a channel and earn a significant income from YouTube.

This article will show you all you need to know to start a cash cow channel and introduce you to YouTube automation.

But before I get right into the article, I have a YouTube channel, where I talk about realistic ways to make money online and help people to find new income streams.

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The Concept of YouTube Automation

When I mention YouTube automation, you own that channel, but you don’t make the content yourself. This is a great way to start a no-face channel because all the content you are using will be outsourced by somebody else.

Let’s start by showing you a great example of a Youtube cash cow channel. It is called Natural Cures, and when you scroll down, you will see that these are all videos about health information and tips for natural treatments.

make cash cow youtube channel

And just by watching one single video, you should understand the concept of this channel and how easy it is to create such a video. 

Just click on the latest video, and watch it. As you see, this video is a mix of stock footage, subtitles, and voice over. And with under 3 minutes, it is even an incredibly short video for YouTube standards. 

This video doesn’t even get the full potential revenue from YouTube ads, because only videos over 8 minutes can use all the recommended ads.    

Natural Cures is a great example of YouTube automation. These channels are just using free or paid stock footage, clips, or pictures, and then they combine that into an actual original video. 

And this business model is something everyone can do.  

But if you are wondering how you can start a channel like this, then the first step is to get a video idea and then write a script.  

For example, let’s take the title of this video, copy it, and paste it into the Google search. As you see, the first result, snippet, is talking about 13 herbs that can help you lose weight. 

Go to the article, see what they are saying and then make a list of 5 or 10 herbs and then rewrite it.

YouTube automation

Or hire a writer that will rewrite this article for you.

There are tons of services where you can find a writer… Fiverr, Upwork, or TextBrokers which is my favorite platform for hiring high-quality writers. 

Places to Hire People for YouTube Cash Cow Channel

If you want to start a YouTube automation channel, then hiring the right people who will do the work for you, is a must. 

For a successful YouTube automation channel, you will need a scriptwriter, a voice-over artist, and a video editor or editing software.

To be honest, this can be expensive. So, in the beginning, I always recommend creating videos by yourself, creating at least 30 videos, and then after you get monetized, hire people to do the work for you. 

A great place to find people that will do any online task is Upwork.

Just type here voice over and then filter the results by hourly rate. As you see, there are lots of interesting results and it is only for you to find the best one that suits all your needs.

YouTube automation hiring people

If you ask yourself why you should hire other people, why should you invest your money to make a video?

The answer is simple. YouTube automation is a scalable business model. You can have multiple YouTube channels, in various niches, and you can manage these channels like a business.

Because as a single content creator, you don’t have time to create multiple channels, hiring somebody to make a work for you, is the way to go if you want to automate your business on YouTube. 

OK, you found your scriptwriter, voice-over artist, and editor, but you have a question. How do you find content? Can I use someone else’s content?

I don’t like this idea, while you can use someone else footage for up to 7 seconds, and then add your commentary, it will then be classified as transformational and falls under fair use. For me, this practice is a little shady.

I like to find free stock footage on places like Pexels or Pixabay and then create new content. 

My favorite site where I find lots of content and free stock footage is Pexels. Go ahead, type anything in the search bar and choose here the videos. 

Click on the video you like, you will get to a new page where you can download this video for free and in different qualities. 

And don’t worry, this video is completely free to use. If you want to check the license, click here. As you can see, this video comes with the Creative Commons Zero license.

This means, you can use it even for commercial projects and edit it and you don’t need to give the credit to the original creator of the video. 

So, find more videos, and then hire someone to combine them into one video.

This is YouTube automation in the nutshell. So, find a scriptwriter, voice-over artist, content, and video editor. Or you can do it all or just do something by yourself to save money.

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