AI HUSTLE LAB #11: The Power Combo to Make Money Online


are you still waiting for the “right” time to start your side hustle?

In this week’s edition of AI Hustle Lab, you will learn why you should stop waiting, as the perfect moment will never come.

I will also teach you a powerful and proven combination that can help you generate real income.

Additionally, there is a video that shows actual results from selling AI-generated images on stock photo sites after just 5 months.

Article of the Week

Link: The Right Moment to Start Your Side Hustle is Never Coming

Why Should You Read It?

Many people believe that they should begin their side hustle only when the timing is perfect. They wait for that elusive moment when all the stars align.

But that moment may never come. If you keep waiting, your big idea could pass you by.

What does “the right moment” even mean?

Tutorial of the Week

Link: The Power Combo for Making Serious Money Online

What Will You Learn?

I believe that making money online can be relatively simple when you know how to do it.

There are simple techniques that even a beginner can learn. I learned this method years ago and I still use it to generate significant income.

In this tutorial, I will show you a powerful combination that can lead to big profits.

Video of the Week

Link: I Tried Selling AI Images on Stock Photo Sites for 5 Months – My Results

Why Should You Care?

Create a text prompt, input it into your favorite text-to-image generator, and generate an amazing image. And make money.

However, it’s important to note that the reality may differ from your expectations. In this video, you will discover what you should realistically anticipate when it comes to selling your images on photo stock marketplaces.

Simple Side Hustle to Start

One of the simplest side hustles you can start next year is to launch a newsletter. It’s an excellent way to stay connected with your audience, and even beginners can do it for free using the right platforms. I recommend checking out two options: ConvertKit and Beehiiv.

That’s all for this week…

See you next time.

Much love,

Miroslav @ NechCloud

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