Important YouTube Settings You Should Know About (Increase Your Views and Subscribes)

Underrated YouTube Settings

As a content creator, you are probably focusing on making enough interesting content. However, before you are starting your channel take it seriously, here are a few important YouTube settings you should know about.  These settings are according to me important because they can affect your video rankings, the views, or the engagement you get.  … Read more

How to Make Money on YouTube Without Making Videos (TUTORIAL 2021)

YouTube without videos

Making money might not be the reason for starting a YouTube channel, but opportunities to earn a significant amount of money are a pleasant surprise once you realize how many of them there are. But for many people, money can still be the number one reason why they are starting a YouTube channel.  And it … Read more

Youtube CPM Rates by Country 2021 (Tips to Increase YouTube CPM and Revenue)

youtube cpm countries

If you have a YouTube channel, you can earn money by monetizing it with the YouTube partner program.  Although it is not the only way to make money on YouTube, it is the most convenient and most popular.  When you meet the basic requirements which are needed for approval to a YouTube partner program, then … Read more

How to Make Money Selling Your Photos and Videos Online (Best Places to Sell Photos Online)

Make money selling photos online

With better cameras on smartphones and decreasing prices of high-quality digital cameras, everyone is a photographer nowadays.  But what most people don’t realize is that you can earn money from your pictures. Yes, these days, it doesn’t matter if you are a pro photographer or just like taking pictures in your spare time, you can … Read more

How to Create Cash Cow YouTube Channel (Tips to Start with YouTube Automation)

create cash cow channel

If you want to learn how to make money on YouTube in 2021, even without showing your face, then in this article, I will introduce you to the concept of the cash cow YouTube channel. What is Cash Cow YouTube Channel? The term Cash Cow YouTube channel means that the creator of the channel is … Read more

How to Start a Cash Cow YouTube Channel in Meditation Niche

start cash cow meditation channel

Starting a cash cow YouTube channel in the meditation niche is easy to do. But a lot of tips about this topic you are seeing online are misleading. At least, in theory, it is relatively easy to produce a video in the meditation category, but making money from it is the hardest and most frustrating … Read more

4 High CPM Niches For Cash Cow YouTube Channel (Best Niches for YouTube Automation Channel)

Cash cow channel niches

Starting a cash cow YouTube channel can be a highly profitable business.  And one of the most important things you should do, when starting your channel, is to pick the right niche. In this article, I will be going over the top 4 most profitable Youtube niches 2021. But before we get right into the … Read more