Earn to Play Games: How Much Gods Unchained Cards are Worth

Hey everyone, welcome to the NechCloud, a website where I want to introduce you to new and legit ways to make money in this article, I want to speak about one blockchain crypto game I’m currently playing and show you how insanely expensive some items in this game are.

I’m talking about Gods Unchained, a card NFT play-to-earn game, where you can real money by playing against other people and by collecting and selling cards you earn.

And in this article, I want to show how valuable some of these cards already become.

How Much Gods Unchained Cards Are Worth

Let’s open a TokenTrove which is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell your cards.

Of course, you need to link your account with your MetaMask wallet to make any transaction.

As in other card games, even in Gods Unchained, there are quality levels of cards: common, rare, epic, legendary, and mythic. 

Basic cards are the most common type of card in the game. These cards are easy to acquire and have a relatively low cost. Meteorite cards are much rarer than basic cards but have a higher cost. Diamond cards are much rarer than meteorites and have an even higher price tag.

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Here, we are in my TokenTrove account and you can see my collection of cards, that I have already collected in just a week of playing.

The actual collection value is around 9 dollars, which is nothing insane, but I’m playing this game one hour a day, just because I like it, not because I want to make money from it.

However, making some cash is a nice bonus.

As you can see, my most valuable card in the collection is called Slip Blade, and it has an average price of around 3 dollars. But when I open the graph with the all-time prices then look.

In one moment, this card has a price above 100 dollars. This is crazy Because this is a card you can get by playing this game and opening the card pack you get after you reach the next level.

And if you think one hundred dollars is a lot of money, then take a look one these prices.

These are unique cards, and they cannot be obtained by normal gaming and that is why there are so few of them on the market.

But these prices are crazy.

It is unthinkable that anyone can pay over one hundred thousand dollars for one single card, but people who are playing this card game are hugely passionate. So, everything is possible.

Let’s set some filters on the marketplace to see how much some core cards are worth. Core cards can be obtained by playing this card game, but in most cases, you need to use the Forge tool to create an NFT from two cards.

As you can see, some cards here are worth tens of dollars, which is great.

Just by playing Gods Unchained, you can get these valuable cards, and then put them on the marketplace.

I know, that I’m already owning this card called Hunting Trap and I have two of them. I can easily go into my Forge tool in the game and create NFT from these two cards that have a value of around ten dollars right now.

However, there was a time, when this Hunting Trap card had a value of over 400 dollars, which is crazy.

While I know, this card will never have that value again, I still think the price of around ten dollars is great for one card.

For me, crypto and blockchain gaming is the future, and the aspect of earning some interesting valuable items or money is something I like.

Gods Unchained is one of the games, that can be played for free, without any investment, and can make you earn some money. Not much, but in my opinion, it is still worth my time.


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