Earn $100 By Watching Short Videos – Is FollowFast Legit or Scam?

(Last Updated On: January 9, 2023)

We all need money, but today it seems like there are never enough hours in the day to make enough money. Wouldn’t it be great if someone paid us to do what we’re already doing?

For example, getting paid just by using your phone and watching short videos.

If you’re a person who is looking for a reliable online earning opportunity, then this website is perfect for you. On NechCloud, we are discussing the ways to make money online that can be done from your home.

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There are plenty of ways to make money, but not all of them are real. However, there are some legitimate ways to make a living online.

I am a person who has been trying to make money online for years and has gained a lot of experience and built up several income streams over the years.

And in this article, I will take a closer look at a website called FollowFast and the ways you can make money with this site.

What Exactly is FollowFast

Earn by watching short videos

FollowFast is an online website that has been getting a lot of attention for years. It’s not an MLM or pyramid scheme, but rather a social media platform where you earn money by watching short videos and doing various tasks.

In fact, FollowFast is a classical traffic exchange website.

In the world of internet marketing, there are many different ways to reach your audience. One such way is through a traffic exchange. A traffic exchange is a website where you can advertise your own site by using points you are either buying or earning by visiting other sites.

You are using these points to promote your website and get money from your ad providers.

However, using traffic exchange to earn more from your advertisement on your website is considered forbidden behavior and can lead to banning your account on any legit ad providers such as Google Adsense, Ezoic, or Mediavine.

This was old school black hat tactic that doesn’t work these days.

So, the question is… why do websites like FollowFast exist?

This is because they have added a social media aspect.

On this platform, you can promote your content from various social media like Facebook, Instagram, Mix, Pinterest, or YouTube.

is followfast legit

Many people are using such exchanges to get more likes under their Instagram images, more shares on Facebook posts, or more YouTube views and subscribers.

However, speaking about getting YouTube views and subscribers, I have a lot to say.

Firstly, do not use such traffic exchange to get more views on YouTube, because this is against YouTube policy and may get your channel banner.

And speaking about subscribers, while even this is again the YouTube terms, I used a similar service once to get the first few subs.

The issue was, that even if you get real subscribers, in a few minutes, these people will unsubscribe from your channel. So, it is just a waste of time.

Is FollowFast Legit or Scam?

Let’s go back to the FollowFast website and take a closer look here.

To use this service, you need social media accounts in order to complete the tasks.

For the first part, you have tasks for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Mix or you have to apply for some simple jobs.

This site allows you to earn points by liking Facebook pages or following someone or watching Youtube videos and many other winning methods.

These points can be then converted to US dollars and after you reach a payment threshold then you will be able to withdraw your money.

As you can see, you have 3 main payment methods – Paypal, PerfecMoney, and Bitcoin and the minimum amount to cash out is one US dollar and 50 cents.

followfast payment

Now, that you know the basics of this exchange, let’s talk about a few issues I have with it.

My Issues With FollowFast

There are two ways this social and traffic exchange is making money.

Firstly they are placing ads on the website and the second is to force people to buy points or memberships.

The cheapest package gives you 20,000 points for just 10 US dollars. And according to FollowFast, this amount of points is equivalent to at least 1200 followers.

In my opinion, for such a low price of ten dollars, getting over a thousand followers is suspicious. This cannot be real people, it has to be bots. And what I know about social media following, you want to get real people to engage with your content.

That is one reason why I do not recommend buying points.

The second issue is that they are advertising the membership model as a faster way to make money on this site.

I always, always recommend starting for free. Do not buy any points, if you want to use such a service.

Just choose the free method, earn some points by viewing other people’s videos and accumulate a minimum amount of points to check out if you can withdraw the money.

But let’s assume, you want to make money with FollowFast.

Let’s assume you want to earn the number of points that are equivalent to $1.5

How Long Does it Take to Reach the Minimum Payment Threshold?

payment from followfast

Let’s calculate how many points you need to have to cash out.

If one cent is equivalent to 250 points then for one US dollar you need to earn 25,000 points. And to reach the cashout minimum, you need to have at least 37,500 points.

And if you are earning 30 points per YouTube view, then you have to see 1250 videos. And each of these videos needs to be watched for at least 30 seconds according to the terms.

This is 625 minutes. This little over 10 and half hours of watching Youtube videos for $1,5. Good luck with that.

In my opinion, this is not a way to make money on this site.

The better way is to use the jobs section to earn much more points.

As you can see, here you can earn over two thousand points for subscribing to a YouTube channel and watching any 2-minute video, liking it, and commenting on it.

But this is an exception because other jobs are just collecting email addresses, you should not take such a job for any point reward.


So, what to say? In my opinion, if you want to make money watching short videos, liking Instagram images, or sharing Facebook posts, then FollowFast is not for you.

While this website is legit, there is no doubt here, that there are various ways to make money online that are paying better. I’m talking about affiliate marketing, freelancing, or making YouTube videos.

However, all these methods take time, hard work, and consistency. But the results can be life-changing, believe me.

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