How To Send BNB From Binance To MetaMask Wallet

(Last Updated On: April 10, 2022)

As you learn more about crypto gaming and the use of NFTs, it will become apparent that the MetaMask wallet is vital to work with specific game currencies and coins.

MetaMask is a browser extension that allows a user to interact with Ethereum-based decentralized applications. The extension is freely available for use on both Android and iOS devices, as well as desktop browsers.

The plugin works with Ethereum based games and assets. MetaMask is an easy-to-use solution that allows for quick crypto game transactions.

In this article, I will show a method I’m using to send BNB from Binance to your MetaMask wallet.

But before we get right into the article, please note, I’m not a financial advisor and this isn’t about gathering investing advice, I’m just showing you a process for how I transfer BNB to my MetaMask wallet.

If this process doesn’t work or you get the process wrong, it’s not my fault.

But let’s get to the guide.

Connecting MetaMask to Binance Smart Chain

The first and most important thing to do is to connect your MetaMask wallet to Binance Smart Chain. This is because MetaMask is an Ethereum based wallet, and if you want to transfer any BNB to the wallet, you need to use the Binance smart chain nodes.

But don’t worry the process itself is relatively easy.

Go to your MetaMask and click on the Networks and then click on the Add Network button.

MetaMask to Binance Smart Chain

In the next step, you need to fill in all the information here, They can be found on the official Binance website, just use the link here.

In the article, find the section called Mainnet and then type in the Smart Chain, then copy and paste the URL, type 56 into the Chain ID field, then use the currency symbol BNB and then type the Block Explorer URL here.

connect MetaMask to Binance Smart Chain

Just click the Save button, and it will add the Binance network to your MetaMask wallet.

This was the first and very important step if you want to transfer BNB from Binance to your wallet.

How To Send BNB From Binance To MetaMask Wallet

In the next step, you need to go to your Binance account, then click on the Wallet and select the Fiat and Spot option.

Then, find the BNB token in your account and click on the withdraw option.

send BNB to MetaMask

This action opens a new withdrawal page where you need to paste your MetaMask address. Just open your MetaMask Wallet and copy to clipboard this address and paste it into the Address field.

BNB to MetaMask

After you paste the information into the correct field, it will automatically select the network. In this case, it should be Binance Smart Chain, BEP 20.

Now, type the withdrawal amount or just click on the MAX option, if you want to withdraw the maximum amount from your account.

I’m always recommending making a test transaction to check if is everything correctly set up.

If you are happy with everything then click on the Withdraw button and then select the Confirm option in the pop-up window.

But as I already mentioned, always test the transfer with a minimal amount of money to check if the transfer address is correct.

However, when you select the Confirm option then you should see a new Withdrawal pop-up window with all the information.

If you are ready then click the Continue button and then it will load a security page where you need to type codes that will be sent to you on your phone number and email address.

After this, refresh the page and scroll down to see the recent withdrawals. If you want, click on the arrow here to see the Withdrawal details.

As you can see, the transaction will be really fast, so I should see the BNB in my MetaMask in a few minutes.