Why Aren’t You Sending Newsletters Yet?

When was the last time someone mailed you an actual paper newsletter?

You probably got a good laugh out of the crappy Word template, impossibly dense text, and grainy photos stuffed inside.

But that dinosaur doesn’t represent the power of today’s email newsletters.

Modern newsletters are focused and relevant, and build real relationships between businesses and customers.

The Importance of Newsletters

Make money by sending newsletters

So why the heck aren’t you sending newsletters for your business yet?

Many companies are still sleeping on this amazing marketing tool.

Don’t be one of them!

Here’s why newsletter marketing deserves your attention, starting today.

The Ultimate Retention Tool

Social media pulls eyeballs, but newsletters create real retention. The difference comes down to reach versus relevance.

Each of your posts reaches a tiny sliver of your audience, usually less than 15%. It’s like tossing a message in a bottle out to sea and hoping recipients fish it out at the right moment. Tough odds.

But newsletter subscribers sign up to hear from you regularly. So when you hit Send, your expertly crafted content goes straight to 100% of inboxes. No algorithms or pay-to-play limit your reach.

This makes newsletters the perfect tool for building meaningful relationships with an engaged audience. And those relationships drive sales over the long term.

Recommended Tools: ConvertKit (advanced users), Beehiiv (beginners)

Double Your Traffic Sources

Most businesses view social media and newsletters as either/or propositions. But combining both unlocks more growth potential than focusing on one channel alone.

Use social media to attract website visitors and newsletter signups. Then use newsletters to retain subscribers, promote products, share unique content, and drive repeat purchases.

See how the channels complement each other? Together they double your traffic sources for greater reach and relevance.

And don’t forget email subscribers convert at crazy high rates compared to social media followers. Recent studies show email conversion rates are over six times higher than Facebook and Twitter.

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Emails suck, ours don’t. It’s usually under 300 words, and easy to read. It’s becoming the top newsletter for making extra money with your creative talents while keeping your regular job. More than 2,000 creative people have already joined. You should sign up too!

Direct Line to Customers

Make money by sending newsletters

Newsletters give you a direct line for constant communication with subscribers. No gatekeepers like Facebook or Instagram limit your reach.

This means you control the message, timing, audience targeting, and design. Plus you own the subscriber contact info allowing personalized outreach.

Compare this to social platforms where posts get lost in the endless feed and your audience disappears the second they close the app.

Direct customer access is a precious commodity. Newsletters let you tap into it in a meaningful way.

Cut Through the Clutter

Consumers face endless digital noise from brands screaming “Look at me!” for attention.

Social media platforms intensify this frenzy.

But subscribers consciously sign up for your newsletter content above the noise. You have their permission and interest locked in already.

Readers actively want to hear from you, making newsletters the perfect format for relevant communication that cuts through the clutter.

And with attention spans shrinking across devices, newsletters allow readers to dive into content at their convenience. No clickbait headlines or annoying videos are required.

Build Authority and Trust

Social platforms come and go in popularity.

Remember MySpace? How about Vine or Google+?

But direct customer relationships never go out of style. Newsletters strengthen these relationships and establish your brand as an authority and trusted resource.

This authority makes subscribers more receptive to recommendations and offers. So products and services feel like helpful solutions rather than shady sales pitches.

Driving repeat business through trust and authority has long-term staying power on any platform.

Stay Top of Mind

Everyone forgets about brands between purchases and interactions. Out of sight, out of mind.

But a good newsletter keeps your brand top of mind with helpful, interesting content subscribers look forward to reading.

These regular touchpoints make you stickier in customers’ minds. So next time they need your products or services, you spring right back into focus as the obvious choice.

Increase Share of Wallet

Want customers to buy more expensive products? Or increase purchase frequency? Newsletters make it happen.

Each edition gives you a new chance to provide value, solve problems, and position higher-end offers as the logical next step.

And the more value you deliver, the more receptive audiences become. This compounds over time to drive up the share of wallet as customers buy higher quantity/quality products.

Lower Cost Per Lead

Paid advertising offers a brute-force approach to lead generation. But costs per click or conversion keep creeping up across platforms.

Newsletter leads cost 62% less on average versus social media leads. And subscribers convert up to 18x more often than social followers.

That’s because newsletter subscribers raise their hands to hear from you specifically. They’re ultra-targeted and high quality by default.

Compare that to ads competing for fleeting attention from the broad masses. Lower cost, higher value newsletter leads all day!

Future Proof Your Marketing

Why Aren't You Sending Newsletters

Social media platforms constantly change algorithms, remove features, and even shut down completely without warning.

Remember Vine? Or MySpace?

Email marketing simply works even better with AI, no matter what changes come. And direct customer relationships always drive sales.

Newsletters might seem old school but they provide a timeless, reliable marketing channel impervious to external shifts. So you control the platform and the audience.

Apply Automation

Think newsletter creation and management needs to be manual and time-consuming?

Think again!

Automation tools like ConvertKit and Beehiiv or Systeme simplify creation, sending, analytics, and subscriber management. And they integrate seamlessly with your website and payments platform.

Set things up once the way you like then press a button to kick off pre-scheduled sends. Automated welcome series when subscribers join.

Workflows to segment groups for targeted offers.

Drip campaigns to nurture leads.

Final Thoughts

Newsletter marketing scales your efforts and multiplies results without expanding the workload.

Let automation accelerate ROI.

Any objections I haven’t covered yet? Don’t let perceived barriers hold you back from one of the most effective marketing tools available.

Apply even one or two concepts from this article and see your business relationships and revenue grow.


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