Talent Desire Review – Is it Legit or Scam? (My Experience and Thoughts)

I recently came across a video that claimed you could make up to $100 a day just by typing names.

As someone trying to earn extra income online, this caught my attention!

The idea of getting paid decent money just for typing names seemed almost too good to be true.

In the video, the creator showed an example of a page with a list of names that earned $20. He claimed all you need to do is type names into a document like that, submit it, and collect your cash. I was extremely intrigued, yet skeptical.

Could it really be that easy?

Well, I decided to test it out for myself to see if this money-making method was legitimate or just a scam.

Allow me to guide you through my experience with Talent Desire and my attempt to earn from this potential opportunity.

Talent Desire Review

The video instructed me to go to a website called TalentDesire.com to get started.

Upon visiting, I saw promises of earning up to $27,000 per year and a minimum guarantee of $1,125 per month. Just for typing names?

That would be life-changing extra income.

The site claimed I could earn $3 per 300 words typed as a beginner. As an “expert”, that rate doubles to $6.

Talent Desire legit or scam

This got me even more excited, as the payouts sounded great according to the site.

However, I still had some reservations about whether this was too good to be true.

As I went to create an account on Talent Desire to get started, there was no clear way to register or apply.

Talent Desire Reviews

The site mentioned applying via email, but there were no application forms or info about how to do that. Major red flag number one!

I tried for quite a while to get registered to no avail. It became clear something wasn’t right here.

So I decided to dig more online about Talent Desire and others’ experiences.

Is Talent Desire Legit or Scam?

What I found was not promising at all.

Talent Desire Review

Review after review called Talent Desire a scam and stated the site does not provide any real way to earn money.

Many mentioned they had the same issues I did trying to sign up or access any jobs.

Talent Desire legit or not

At this point, I felt pretty dumb for even trying out this scheme that was too good to be true.

It became obvious this site had no intention of actually paying anyone to type names, and that it was just a way to draw in unsuspecting people like myself.

Beyond just being a scam itself though, what bothered me was seeing how many views and likes the video promoting this had.

It just illustrates how many people fall for these types of online money making pitches without doing proper research.

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Can You Make Money Typing Names?

So what can be learned from my experience here?

First off, if something sounds too good to be true online, it almost always is.

The idea that you can earn hundreds of dollars for basic data entry work is just not realistic. When you see claims like this, take them with a huge grain of salt.

Second, always do your due diligence before jumping into any online money making method.

Search for reviews and feedback from others who have tried it. If you find any red flags like I did, run the other way. Don’t waste your time on something that is a scam.

Finally, understand that making legitimate money online takes real effort.

There are no shortcuts or easy wins just for typing names into a document. Anytime someone claims you can earn great money for basic work, be very suspicious.

If you do want to earn online, build a real business or side hustle. Start a blog, YouTube channel, Etsy store, or other platform where you are creating real value for people.

Work hard over the long term to build your audience and skills. This is how to make a sustainable income, not through typing names alone.


So would I recommend trying to make money by typing names based on my experience?

Absolutely not!

Is Talent Desire a legit service?

NO, it is not.

Save your time and effort for actual money-making methods that are honest and worthwhile. Don’t give into the hype about easy cash for minimal work. Put in the work to build real income sources and you’ll be much better off in the long run.

I hope my story helps others avoid this trap and focus on legitimate ways to earn.

Although it sounded appealing at first, this turned out to be nothing more than a scam.

Don’t believe claims about easy money for basic typing work online.

As I learned firsthand, these are empty promises and not a path to real income. Use common sense, do your research, and don’t buy into the hype.

Focus on creating true value, and the money will follow.

Talent Desire – FAQs

What made you suspicious about it being a scam?

A few things seemed suspicious right away. The promises of high earnings for basic typing work sounded too good to be true. Also, I had a very difficult time actually registering on the Talent Desire website, which was a major red flag.

Did you make any money from this method?

No, I did not make any money. After further research, it became clear that Talent Desire was a scam site that had no real intention of paying people for typing work. It was just a ploy to draw in unsuspecting people.

What do you recommend instead for making money online?

I recommend focusing on building a real online business, side hustle, or income source that provides value. This could be through a blog, YouTube channel, Etsy store, or other platform where you are creating something meaningful. Quick money making schemes online are usually scams.

Should people ever pay upfront fees to make money typing names?

Not. Any site asking you to pay fees upfront to unlock typing work opportunities should be avoided at all costs. Legitimate typing jobs do not require you to pay to get access to the work.

Can you really make good money typing names online?

While there are some legitimate opportunities for online typing work, you cannot expect to make a significant full-time income just by typing names alone. The extremely high earnings some sites promise are unrealistic. Proceed with caution when evaluating typing job ads.

What have you learned from this experience?

I’ve learned to thoroughly research any online money making methods and look for warning signs they may be scams. If something seems too good to be true, it likely is. Also, sustainable online income requires real effort – there are no shortcuts.


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