Forget 30 Day Challenges – Here’s How To ACTUALLY Stick To New Habits

You know that feeling when you try to improve, but nothing seems to stick?

I’ve been there too, my friend.

Watching all those YouTube gurus makes it look so easy – eat clean, hit the gym, and wake up at 5 AM.

But somehow, you just snap back like a rubber band to your same old habits.

I used to think something was wrong with me.

Why can’t I stay committed?

But the truth is, most self-improvement content out there sets you up to fail.

They skip the crucial first steps – getting crystal clear on your big goal and fixing your identity.

See, I had to learn the hard way – you can’t build a skyscraper on a shaky foundation.

And believe me, I tried.

Back in my 30s, I was addicted to self-help books and courses. I wanted the magic pill that would fix my life. But all it did was leave me overwhelmed and scattered, with no real progress.

It wasn’t until I slowed down and got back to basics that things started to shift.

I had to take a long hard look in the mirror and get real with myself. I asked myself, who do I want to become?

Not just surface-level goals like getting shredded or making more money.

But who is the best version of me?

Once I got clear on that, I had to start showing up as that person. Even when I didn’t feel like it.

I had to fake it til I became it.

Every small action that aligned with my new identity helped cement it.

And over time, it became natural.

Now in my 40s, things don’t feel like a struggle anymore. I have systems and rituals that run on autopilot.

But it took a lot of patience and commitment to get here.

And it all started with building a solid foundation.

So before you sign up for that next course promising you’ll “transform in 30 days,” I suggest you take a beat.

Get super clear on the person you need to become to achieve your biggest goals. Even if that feels uncomfortable.

Then start stacking daily actions that align with that new identity. Be patient with yourself, it won’t happen overnight. There will be setbacks and slip-ups. But stay persistent.

The more you show up as this new person, the more it will start to feel natural. One day you’ll wake up, and not even recognize the old you. And things that felt impossible before will seem easy.

You have so much potential within you, my friend. But don’t waste time grasping at quick fixes. Build your foundation, cement your identity, and everything else will follow.

I’m rooting for you.

Now get out there, and start becoming the hero of your story!


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