Get Paid to Talk About Your Favorite Stuff Online

Feel like your wallet has been on a diet lately?

No sweat, I know how you can fatten that bad boy up!

There’s this way called affiliate marketing that lets regular peeps like us score commission simply by recommending killer products.

Think of it like getting a finder’s fee for directing shoppers toward awesome stuff.

See, businesses need help spreading the word about their rad inventory.

That’s where people like us come in. They’ll actually pay us cold hard cash to hype up their goods.

I know it seems too good to be true. But stick with me cause this side hustle can really line your pockets.

I’m talking an extra few hundred or even several thousand bucks each month!

Here’s The 101 on How Affiliate Marketing Works

Talk About Your Favorite Stuff Online

Whenever we share an affiliate link pointing to a product, if someone clicks it and buys that item, we make a percentage of the sale price as a reward. Pretty sweet deal!

For example, suppose Joanne is obsessed with makeup and posts reviews on her beauty blog. She adds an affiliate link pointing to a rockin’ new eyeshadow palette she recently discovered and digs.

Her affiliate link sends shoppers to the eyeshadow product page and tracks any purchases made. If one of her blog readers buys that palette after clicking her affiliate link, Joanne gets hooked up with a commission.

Make sense?

We basically earn cash for directing shoppers toward rad products we genuinely like.

The best part is it takes just 5-10 hours a week, depending on how big you wanna go. And you don’t need any fancy equipment or skills, just honest opinions on stuff you truly dig.

For me, affiliate marketing was a no-brainer…

I was already chatting online about my favorite clothing brands, home gadgets, you name it. Figured why not post affiliate links alongside my recommendations to earn some dough? Ding ding ding!

When my friends ask for gift ideas or what products I swear by, I can point them to my reviews. If they end up buying anything through my links, I’ll snag a cut of the profit as their personal shopper.

Think of it like getting tipped for providing killer recommendations! Pretty sweet perk if you ask me.

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Here’s How You Can Cash In Too

All you gotta do is apply to become an affiliate marketer, aka Publisher, through a major retailer’s affiliate program.

I joined ones like Amazon Associates, Rakuten, ShareaSale, CJ Affiliate, and Impact since they have partnerships with most of my go-to stores.

Places like Sephora, Chewy, Home Depot, and Target all run stellar affiliate programs.

This means now whenever I hype up or review products from those shops, and share my affiliate links alongside, I can rake in commission.

For example, say you’re obsessed with crafting and always posting about the best scissors, hot glue guns, fabric, etc for DIY projects. Simply share affiliate links pointing to those exact products and earn cash when your followers scoop them up! Easy peasy.

When I first jumped into affiliate marketing, I focused on stores and topics I already geeked out over as a passion project. That way the content came naturally cause I genuinely wanted to discuss and recommend my faves anyway.

You should take the same approach…

What do you constantly chat about or research when bored? Beauty products, sports equipment, pet supplies? Make that your niche!

Build a blog, social media account, YouTube channel – anything that enables you to post reviews and helpful info about your specialty. Sprinkle in affiliate links whenever naming must-have products relevant to your followers.

For instance, if you’re a hardcore gamer, create video reviews of new gaming laptops and accessories. Include affiliate links so viewers can buy what you recommend and score your commission.

Over time, you gain loyal followers who look to you as the expert whenever they’re itching to purchase something you specialize in.

More cash for you as their trusty advisor.

Another pro tip – the more specific your niche, the better.

Get mega-focused on one tight category such as:

  • Hiking gear for tall women
  • Toys that help toddlers with speech delays
  • Pastel accessories for greyhounds

When you laser-focus your content around a very targeted topic, you establish yourself as an expert. You also attract super-engaged fans who crave your specific brand of info and product suggestions.

This all leads to major moolah thanks to higher conversion rates on your affiliate links. Ya dig?

Okay, okay, by now you’re probably wondering…

How Much Money Can You Actually Make Here?

Glad you asked!

Payouts depend on the retailer’s commission rate and how many folks purchase through your link.

But to give you an idea…

Amazon Associates pays publishers a 4-10% cut of sales generated from their link. So if you refer a $500 flatscreen TV, you’d snag around $20-50 commission. Not too shabby!

Other popular stores like Walmart, Sephora, and Home Depot offer anywhere from 2-15% commission. So you can score some pretty sweet checks in your mailbox.

Sure you likely won’t get rich as a full-time affiliate. But as a side hustle? Heck yeah, it’s an awesome way to stockpile extra dough and pad your wallet.

After only 6 months of doing affiliate part-time, I was pulling nearly $800 per month on average. And I know bloggers banking over $5k monthly as top voices in their niche!

Look, if you’re always blabbing about certain products anyway, why not post helpful affiliate links alongside your recommendations to get rewarded?

I promise it’s stupidly easy to sign up as a Publisher and then simply sprinkle your affiliate links into reviews whenever you suggest specific products relevant to your audience.

Before you know it, cha-ching! You’ll have extra beer money rolling in thanks to affiliate commissions baby!

Give it a shot during your free time – start small then scale up. Don’t be surprised when you become the go-to source for your friends and online community when they need advice on what to buy.

Not only will you provide value as their trusted guru, but you’ll also fatten your wallet along the way with sweet affiliate dough on all purchases made through your recommendations and links!


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