How to Sell Digital Products Without an Audience Using Sales Funnels and Storytelling

Have you ever made something awesome that you just knew people would love?

Like a cool workbook, or videos, or something helpful like that?

But then you realized – uh oh.

Who am I going to sell this to?

It’s not like you’re famous with millions of followers. Getting people to buy your stuff when they don’t know who you are can seem totally impossible!

Well, guess what? It’s actually not!

There’s a sneaky little trick called a sales funnel that can help you make money from digital products even if you don’t already have a big audience.

What in the World is a Sales Funnel?

Don’t worry, it’s not an actual funnel that you pour stuff into.

A sales funnel is just a fancy term for a specific way of selling products online. The idea is you start by offering something small and cheap to capture people’s attention. Then you follow up with more expensive offers once you’ve got them hooked!

It’s called a funnel because you start with a whole bunch of people at the top, then narrow it down to the most interested folks who will buy the bigger stuff from you.

Pretty clever right?

Here’s a quick peek at how it works:

  1. Offer something inexpensive to grab interest ($7 – $37 is normal)
  2. After they buy, give them another offer at a discount
  3. Finally, promote your premium product to maximize profits

See how you slowly reel them in? Now let’s look at a real life example…

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A Busy Mom Funnel

Sell Digital Products Without an Audience

Pretend you created an amazing printable workbook for overwhelmed moms looking to get organized. You don’t have a huge audience yet though.

So what do you do? Funnel time!

Instead of trying to sell that workbook all by itself for like $50, you could set up a 3 step funnel:

  1. Workbook for $7
  2. Add printable labels for just $10 more
  3. Offer a fancy video course for $27 afterwards

So with this funnel, you can drive traffic to that cheap workbook at the top to get those busy moms interested.

Even if only 25% of them buy it, watch what happens next!

After they purchase, some will happily add those labels too when you offer them. More money for you! Then once they’ve bought the workbook AND the labels, they must really love your stuff. That means even more of them will go for the expensive video course at the end!

Now You Have An Audience AND Profit!

The funnel helps you make sales right away even if no one knew about you before. And then guess what? After someone buys 3 things from you, they definitely know who you are now!

Over time, your audience starts to grow almost automatically. Pretty neat right? Now you can promote all KINDS of other products to them later.

Just remember – young Padawan – with great power comes great responsibility. Don’t go spamming their inboxes! Provide epic value instead.

Now Let’s DO This Thing!

Alright, breaking down a funnel is all well and good. But how the heck do you actually BUILD one of these magical money-making machines? Great question, grasshopper!

The two essential ingredients you need are:

  1. Funnel Software
  2. Traffic Sources

The software helps you set up the pages, payments, email sequences, etc.

Popular options are ClickFunnels, SamCart, ThriveCart – stuff like that. Most have free trials so you can test drive them!

Then you need traffic. This means paying to promote those offers to targeted people. Facebook and Pinterest ads are perfect for this.

It looks tricky at first, but the platforms make it super easy to get started these days. You got this!

The Conclusion

So let’s recap what we learned today, shall we?

If you build an amazing digital product but don’t have a big audience, don’t stress! Sales funnels let you turn total strangers into happy customers in no time flat.

Start with an inexpensive offer, then keep providing more value. Before you know it you’ll have a swarm of raving fans ready to snatch up all your sweet products!

Now get out there and start funneling! This is the easiest way ever to sell stuff online even with no audience.


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