How Much Do YouTube Channels with 1,000 Subscribers Make Per Month?

YouTube is a powerful medium for building your brand, reaching customers, and bringing in revenue.

But how much money can you make on YouTube?

How do subscribers affect your earning potential?

I’m here to share all the details with you! I know that it can be difficult to have a better understanding of your YouTube channel’s earning potential without all the facts.

That’s why I created this article about how much money YouTubers with 1000 subscribers make per month!

Let’s start with the basics.

Monetizing YouTube Videos With Ads

make money on YouTube

YouTube ads are the most popular way to monetize videos on a platform. This is because they are the only one that reaches all of YouTube’s viewers, across any device.

The income from YouTube advertising is auction-based through Google’s AdSense ad network.

Here’s how it works – advertisers are willing to pay more for reaching your target audience, that is, viewers you are likely to attract. In turn, this leads to a higher chance of them clicking on their ads.

So, you will get paid more for such viewers than if your target audience is less attractive to the advertisers.

The power of these ads is that they can be targeted by demographics, geography, or interests. This allows content creators to reach their target audience and make more money from their content, as well as giving advertisers a better chance of reaching their target audience and getting more value for their advertising campaign.

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How Much Can I Make on YouTube with Ads

You’re probably wondering how much can you earn by playing ads on your videos. This is a question that often comes up, but it’s not an easy answer.

The amount you can earn depends on many factors such as:

  • The niche of your video
  • The number of views
  • The number of clicks on the ad
  • Demographic
  • Ad quality
  • Adblockers
  • Video length

All these factors play a huge role.

As you probably know, YouTube serves most ads on videos that are over 8 minutes long. So, if you are publishing shorter videos, you are leaving money on the table. You are reducing the number of ads you can add to your video.

Another huge factor is the geography of your audience. If most views on your video come from Asia or Africa, you are paid less than if the viewers are from Europe or the US. This is because the EU and USA are more affluent markets and advertisers will pay more to promote their products in such markets. Read more about YouTube rates by country.

Another thing you should understand is that niche matters. A niche is a category of product or service that is targeted toward a specific group of people. This means that the product or service will be tailored specifically for them. The narrower the target audience, the more chance there is that they will be interested in your product and be willing to buy it.

So, if you are publishing videos in the gaming niche, you will earn less money than a YouTube creator in the financial niche. You can find the most profitable niches in this article.

As you can see, there are plenty of factors that are affecting your earnings.

How Much Money Would One Get For 1,000 Subscribers on YouTube?

Youtube earnings per subscriber

It’s been said that YouTube doesn’t pay for subscribers, likes, or comments. The end goal is always to get views, which benefits creators the most.

Pretty much the only time subs matter is if you’re trying to reach the 1k subs and 4k hours of watch time required to qualify for the partnership program.

Earnings on YouTube are calculated as CPM (cost per thousand impressions) and can range from $0,5 to $100 per video.

The right niche, right geographic location, and recommended video length can make a huge difference. So, keep this in your mind.

With 1,000 subscribers, you can make $20, $100, $250, or more per month only from displaying ads. All this depends on how many videos you are uploading, where is your audience coming from, and the CPM rates of your niche.

Do You Need 1,000 Subscribers on YouTube to Get Paid

My answer here is: YES and NO.

If you want to monetize your videos with Google AdSense then you need to meet the minimum requirements for YouTube monetization.

  • 1000 subscribers
  • 4,000 watch hours
Requirements for YouTube monetization

After you reach the limit, you can apply for monetization and your channel will get reviewed by someone on YouTube.

But for most content creators, AdSense is not the main revenue stream.

On the contrary, there are more profitable methods to make money on YouTube than ads.

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Patreon
  • Sponsor deals
  • Merchandise
  • Selling your products and services

With all these methods I mentioned above, you can start earning money without subscribers. I like to mix affiliate marketing and email collection for all of my YouTube channels.

It works on a simple principle. In the description of my video, I put a link to my landing page, where I offer a lead magnet (something free) in exchange for an email. This way, I’m building an email list that can be monetized over and over again.

I’m also putting affiliate links to related products in a niche my video is about, and I’m getting a commission when someone uses these links and purchases the product.

How Much Money Do You Get From 1 Subscriber on YouTube?

As I already mentioned in this article, monetization through ads is based on views, not sub-counts. In other words, YouTube pays per view, not per subscriber.

Earning and subscribers are different things.

YouTube pays for ad views, not the subscribers. Even if you have 1000 subscribers and none of them would watch your video, you will not earn even a single penny.

So, focus on the quality of your video to attract views, and put affiliate links to increase revenue from this single video. This is one of the best ways to monetize your viewers.

How Much Does YouTube Pay Per Million Views

As you already know, YouTube is paying its creators by displaying ads. The amount of money you get by displaying these ads is strongly influenced by the niche your video is in, the location of your audience, and the number of ads that are served to the audience.

While in certain niches you can get up to $50 or $80 per 1,000 views, there are also categories where you can get only $0,5 or less per the same number of views.

So let’s say, on average, you can get $8 per 1,000 views. In this case, a YouTube video with 1,000,000 views can make up to $8,000 from ads only. Because many YouTubers are also using other monetization methods, a video with 1 million views can make 5x or 10x more.


With that said, YouTube is an amazingly powerful avenue for showcasing your talents and interests. It’s a good platform for comedians, musicians, beauty gurus, and more.

If you have a compelling idea for a show or channel you think would be popular with viewers, it could give you the perfect opportunity to monetize your hobby.

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