7 Ways to Make Money Online Other Than Just Being a Freelance Writer

You are tired of writing as a freelancer for pennies, and you are ready to learn how to make money online for real.

Online writing has become an important career option for writers of all types, and skill levels. Freelance writing is a valuable profession but often requires a lot of time and energy on the part of the writer. It can be hard to stay motivated if you’re struggling to make ends meet.

Fortunately, there are many other ways to make money online, than freelance writing. 

And in this article, I want to show you some interesting ways to earn money. All these methods are legit, and most are based on my personal experience, but you should know, that these money-making ideas are not get-rich-quick methods.

Do they work?

Yes, but creating a significant income stream from these methods, will need lots of time and effort from your side.

Try Print on Demand

Print-on-demand is a great way to make money if you are a little bit skillful as a designer. To be honest, you don’t need to be a designer to have a successful print-on-demand store.

In the beginning, you should try to sell your designs on marketplaces like Redbubble, Spreadshirt, or Merch by Amazon.

This is what I’m already doing, I’m selling my designs on Redbubble and Spreadshirt, and I’m so lucky that I’m making little money each month.

The reason for this is that these sites have built-in audiences and they will care about all aspects of a business. All you need to do is upload your design and make it available on different products, and that’s it.

When somebody buys a product with your design, a print-on-demand company will add your design to the product, fulfill the order, and ship it to the customer.

As a designer, you are getting paid a margin for each product you sell.

As I already mentioned, this should you done at the beginning, but if you want to make more money with your designs, you should create your own Shopify store and connect it to a printing company like Printful or Printify.

In this case, Printful or Printify will be companies that will print your product and ship it to the customer, however, all the other things like your own store, traffic, or customer service are done by you.

But the potential to make big money is huge here.

If you don’t believe you can create your Shopify store, you should try to sell on Etsy or Amazon as an independent seller, but you still have to use Printful and Printify to do so.

Overall, print-on-demand has revolutionized the printing industry. It’s a great side hustle that you can do anywhere and can lead to an incredibly profitable income stream.

Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

make money online

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to make money online and is one of my main income streams.

It is a market that has experienced explosive growth in recent years and is continuing to take market share from traditional forms of advertising.

One of the easiest ways to get started with affiliate marketing is through Amazon Associates, which can be a great way to quickly earn some extra money from your home.

As an affiliate, you are getting paid for referring people to a product or service by a special link.

And the best part about affiliate marketing is that you can be an affiliate for almost any company you find on the internet. It is not only Amazon, you can also work with other online retailers like Walmart, Target, and eBay, or you can promote just a brand like Shopify, Uber, ClickFunnel, and many more.

As an affiliate marketer, you are earning a commission from every sale by promoting software, apps, or physical retail products.

Typically, a commission for a sale is small, but it’s great to monetize your blog posts or YouTube videos, especially if you’re an affiliate for several brands. You can also boost your income by including several affiliate links on a single blog post or video description.

If you want to make money online by doing affiliate marketing, you should focus on content marketing. I mean, you should build a blog or website with high-quality content and put the affiliate links into your content.

The cool part about this tactic is that you are building an asset that you own and you can also easily change the affiliate links if you find a higher-paying affiliate program.

Start a YouTube Channel

Make money by starting a YouTube channel… how original.

This is not the right money mindset you should have. YouTube is a video platform that offers you unlimited potential.

It is still a great time to start a successful YouTube channel, but you need to approach it like a business. Yes, you need to create an entire business around the YouTube channel.

The logic behind this statement is that you are creating a brand, where you make money not only from the revenue from ads but also from the products you promote as an affiliate marketer or from your merchandise and online courses.

With your channel, you should focus on a single niche and build a loyal audience. The real secret to making money on YouTube is to offer video content people want to see.

While it sounds simple, it is hard. You should also understand that you have to reach two milestones to start getting money from ads on your video. You need to reach thousands of subscribers and four thousand watch hours.

And to reach these milestones is not easy, it takes lots of time and effort. Be ready for this.

Start a Blog

other way to earn money

Getting started on blogging is one of the most profitable ways to start earning online. The internet has enabled bloggers to make a living and generate passive income by generating unique, valuable content and building an audience over time.

When blogging, you can write about anything you want, but it’s important to be consistent with your content so that your blog is successful.

If you’re looking to start a blog, there are plenty of options for you.

If you don’t have the time to learn coding or design, your best bet is to choose the platform that’s already tailored to your needs. WordPress is also an amazing blogging platform with an active community and lots of content tutorials on how to use it.

There are so many different things you can do when you start a blog. However, as with any job you should know what you want to focus on and what your niche is. You need to know your audience, develop a clear strategy, and stick with it.

This will help build trust and authority in your blog, which will make it easier for people to find the content they are looking for.

There are several ways to make money blogging. You can add affiliate links to your posts, place ads, publish sponsored posts, or sell your digital products.

In my opinion and based on my experience, blogging is one of the most rewarding, yet challenging professions.

Create an Online Course

In the digital age, it’s almost impossible to keep up with all of the information. Luckily, some people are willing to share their knowledge with others.

As more people are turning to online learning, more and more people are making money teaching others on topics that they know well. If you have a passion for teaching, and you are an expert on any subject, you can create your online course and teach others about your expertise.

You can also sell your course on websites like Udemy or Skillshare, which are some of the most popular platforms on the internet. These are a website that connects students and educators to teach courses in their area of interest. You can sell your course on Udemy or Skillshare, and even make money if you have an audience who wants to learn from you.

The best fact is that you don’t need to promote your course, you just upload it and forget it. It becomes a digital product that can bring you a nice extra income.

Make Money on Fiverr

A side gig is one of the most popular ways to make money from your own home. It is a term used to describe making money by doing short freelance work on Fiverr.

Fiverr is a website where people can sell services for $5. Its slogan is “make money doing what you love” and this is why it has become so popular among people who want to make money with their skills. Every day, more and more freelancers are posting their side gigs on this website to try and make some extra cash.

When you’re first starting on Fiverr, you’ll want to offer low prices so that you get your first reviews.

Fiverr is a numbers game. The more five-star reviews you have, the more promotion you get and the more clients you score. You should also create multiple gigs to boost your chances of getting clients.

And don’t worry, the five-dollar payment you get for a one-delivered gig is past. You can charge as much as you want for your services.

Sell Your Photography

Whether you’re interested in making money from your photography or just want to keep your hobby going, there are ways for you to do it.

Whether you’re a professional or a casual photographer, there are ways to make money from your work.

Yes, these days, it doesn’t matter if you are a professional photographer or just like taking pictures in your spare time, you can sell your photos and even video footage online.  

This is because everyone from large corporations to small businesses to bloggers, graphic designers, marketers, and publishers buy photos online. 

If you are an owner of a smartphone with a great camera, you should use it. At least at the beginning. 

There are tons of websites where you can sell photos taken on smartphones. If phone photography will be your main focus, you should sell your photos to services like EyeEm and Foap.

You can also print your photos on various products. Websites like Redbubble or Spreadshirt allows you to upload your photos and put them on products like t-shirts, pillow, mugs, hats, posters, or blankets.


If you’re thinking of quitting your 9 to 5 job to pursue a side hustle online, there are plenty of ways to make some extra cash and earn money from your passion. In this video, I have just mentioned a few examples based on my experience.

However, a second income is a great way to increase your financial freedom and be in control of your life. It can also help you build a nest egg for retirement and allow you to travel, volunteer, or spend more time with family members.

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