Important YouTube Settings You Should Know About (Increase Your Views and Subscribes)

As a content creator, you are probably focusing on making enough interesting content.

However, before you start your channel take it seriously, here are a few important YouTube settings you should know about. 

These settings are according to me important because they can affect your video rankings, the views, or the engagement you get. 

Inside YouTube, there are a lot of settings people are not paying attention to when creating a YouTube channel.

But this is a mistake, some of these settings can boost your visibility and help you get more potential views. 

YouTube Settings You Should Know About

Let’s start with the basic and advanced channel settings.

Go to your YouTube channel, click on Settings and when a new window appears, click on Channel. 

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This is a section with several different but useful settings. The first thing you need to pay attention to is adding the right channel keywords in the keywords section.

Use Relevant Keywords For Your Channel

These keywords tell YouTube what your channel is about. It is important to add relevant keywords that describe your channel. This will help the YouTube algorithm to decide which audience is the best for watching your videos. 

So, help the algorithm and give it some clues.

The next step, you should take, is to open the Advanced Settings tab. 

Is Your Channel Suitable for Kids?

Here, under the audience section, is YouTube asking you if you want to set your channel as made for kids. Don’t make a mistake here and don’t set the option to Yes, it is for kids.

Even if your videos are suitable for a younger audience, even for kids, it is better to set it as NO. 

YouTube settings 2

The logic behind this is that YouTube is here asking if kids are your targeted and primary audience. If your videos are made only for kids, and you check the Yes option, then YouTube will lock a lot of features on your channel, to protect kids.

While still on the Settings window, click on the Upload defaults option in the left sidebar, and then click on the Advanced settings tab.

Set Up the YouTube Video Licence

Here you can choose which type of license your newly uploaded video will have. You can choose either from Standard YouTube Licence or Creative Commons. The second license allows other people to use your content on their videos without attribution. And without consequences. 

So, I always go for a Standard YouTube Licence. 

On this page, you can also choose your default video and title language, and choose a default category for your video.  

Block Users and Certain Words and Links in the Comment Section

Scroll down, and make sure that the Comments section is selected to hold potentially inappropriate comments. 

But these are just default settings. You can always customize these settings for each video when you upload it.  

Another important feature you should know is hidden under the Community option. 

Hereunder the Automated filters, you can block users and words in your comment. This is insanely useful because when your YouTube channel gets a little bit of attention, a lot of scammers will comment under your videos and promote their links or WhatsApp numbers. 

YouTube settings

This is a common practice these days. So, take your time and block some words in your comments by default.  

Have Your Playlists in Private

The last few settings I want to show you are not in your dashboard. So, go back to YouTube and then click on your avatar at the top right corner. 

Then click on the Settings in the menu. This action will open a new page. Here click on the Privacy in the left sidebar. 

This will open a new section where you can manage what others know about you on YouTube

The most important thing here is to make sure you toggle on the options for keeping all your saved playlists private and keeping all your subscriptions private. 

If you are a creator, then it is always better to keep all these private.


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