How to Use Beehiiv Ads to Monetize Your Newsletter

Having an email list means that you have an audience that can be easily monetized.

In fact, adding sponsored ads is a great way to generate revenue from your emails without a ton of extra work.

In this article, I’ll explain how to use Beehiiv ads network to easily monetize your newsletter with premium brand sponsors.

There is no need to hire a sales team or do complex reporting – just write great content and let Beehiiv handle the rest!

What is Beehiiv Ad?

Beehiiv is a platform built specifically for newsletters. Their ads section helps publishers like you connect with top advertisers looking to sponsor content.

Major newsletters like Morning Brew, Axios, The Milk Road, and The Skimm all use ads and sponsorships as their main monetization strategy. With Beehiiv, you can do the same without the overhead of a dedicated sales operation.

Their team finds premium brands that are a good match for your audience and content.

When a campaign comes up, you simply review the details and accept or decline the placement.

It’s an easy, no-commitment way to start earning from your writing.

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Emails suck, ours don’t. It’s usually under 300 words, and easy to read. It’s becoming the top newsletter for making extra money with your creative talents while keeping your regular job. More than 2,000 creative people have already joined. You should sign up too!

How Do Beehiiv’s Ads Work?

Beehiiv Ads to Monetize

The process is straightforward:

  1. Beehiiv identifies a brand campaign suitable for your newsletter based on your audience and content style.
  2. You receive a notification with the campaign details – advertiser, dates, payout terms, etc. You can review and accept or decline.
  3. Once accepted, the ad slot automatically inserts into your newsletter on the date you choose.
  4. You get paid for each click the ad receives according to the agreed terms.

There are no contracts, reporting, copywriting, or approvals on your end. Beehiiv inserts the ad creative, handles tracking and payments, and sends you a check.

It’s about as hands-off as newsletter monetization can get!

Viewing and Accepting Ad Opportunities

You can view and manage ad opportunities right from your Beehiiv account.

Go to the Monetization and Ads section. Here you’ll see:

  • A calendar preview of upcoming and accepted ads
  • Pending ad offers you can review
  • Ad performance and payout tracking

When you get a new offer, you’ll see the advertiser name, website, campaign dates, and estimated payout.

If it looks appealing, click “View details and respond” to accept the placement. Pick a send date that fits the campaign window.

Once accepted, the ad will show up as green on your calendar so you know it’s booked. Decline any time if it’s not a good fit.

Inserting Ads Into Your Newsletters

When it’s time to send your newsletter issue with the ad, adding it is simple.

Write your newsletter in the Beehiiv editor like normal. When ready, open the slash menu and click “Advertisement”.

Select the accepted ad from the list. It will automatically insert a locked content block with the full ad creative.

The advertiser logo is also added to the header automatically. Preview your email to see the ad in place.

No work is needed on your end – Beehiiv handles inserting the correctly formatted ads every time.

Why Should You Use Beehiiv Ad Network?

There are a few big advantages to monetizing with Beehiiv’s newsletter ad network:

Easy setup: No need to build an ad sales operation. Just focus on creating quality content.

Premium brands: Beehiiv vets and targets top advertisers that are relevant to your audience.

Hands-off execution: Ads insert seamlessly into your emails without any work on your end.

No commitments: Choose to accept or decline every campaign individually. No set number of placements is required.

Reliable tracking: They handle all the tracking, reporting, invoicing, and payments for you.

If you’re looking to start monetizing your newsletter without a lot of hassle, Beehiiv’s automated ad placements are perfect!

The team removes all the heavy lifting like selling, reporting, and optimization. You just write great content and watch the checks roll in.

Bottom Line

I hope this overview gives you a better idea of how the Beehiiv ad network works!

Placing sponsored ads from premium brands is an easy way to start earning real revenue from your newsletter without the overhead of managing an ad sales operation yourself.

Beehiiv makes the entire process seamless – surfacing relevant campaigns, inserting ads directly into your emails, and handling all the tracking and payments.


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