Can You Make Money With the Beehiiv Affiliate Program?

Just imagine making money every month, over and over again, simply by promoting quality products.

This technique is called affiliate marketing, and it is one of the most popular ways to earn money online.

And when you find a product that comes with recurring affiliate commissions, you can earn commissions each time your referred person renews their subscription.

This is an excellent way to begin building a steady income stream.

And what about becoming a Beehiiv affiliate and promoting their excellent newsletter platform?

In this article, I’ll explain what the Beehiiv affiliate program is, how it works, and how you can get started making commissions.

So, keep reading to learn how this program can help you generate recurring passive income each month!

What is the Beehiiv Affiliate Program?

Make money Beehiiv affiliate program

Beehiiv is an email newsletter platform that helps creators and businesses build their email lists. They offer a generous affiliate program that pays 50% commissions on all customer revenue for the first 12 months.

As a Beehiiv affiliate, you’ll earn money by promoting Beehiiv and referring new customers to sign up.

You’ll receive a unique affiliate link to share, and if anyone signs up through your link and becomes a paying customer, you’ll get credited for that sale.

It’s an easy, straightforward way to monetize your audience and earn recurring passive income. Who doesn’t love getting paid month after month for the work you do once?

How the Beehiiv Affiliate Program Works

The way the Beehiiv affiliate program works is simple:

  1. You sign up to become an affiliate. This involves filling out an application on their website.
  2. Once approved, you’ll get your own unique affiliate link to promote Beehiiv.
  3. Share your link on your website, social media, YouTube, email lists, or anywhere else your audience will see it.
  4. When someone clicks your link and signs up for Beehiiv within 30 days, you get credit for referring them.
  5. You’ll earn 50% commissions on that customer’s payments to Beehiiv for the first 12 months. This applies to all subscription plans.
  6. Beehiiv pays affiliates on the 15th of each month for the previous month’s earnings. Payments are sent via Stripe.
Beehiiv affiliate program

As you can see, the process is very straightforward. Simply drive new signups to Beehiiv, and you’ll earn recurring passive income from their platform fees.

Why Promote Beehiiv?

There are a few key reasons why the Beehiiv affiliate program is worth promoting:

  • Generous 50% commissions – a higher payout than many other affiliate programs.
  • Recurring income – you earn monthly commissions for the first 12 months per referral.
  • Relatively easy to promote – content creators always need email newsletter tools.
  • Reputable company – Beehiiv is a known, established brand in the creator economy space.
  • Doesn’t require a huge audience – you can start earning with just a few referrals per month.

However, promoting your affiliate links is often considered the most challenging aspect.

If you already have an audience interested in content creation, blogging, newsletters, or online business, Beehiiv is a relevant product to promote.

The platform makes it easy for anyone to start building an email list, which complements most online business models.

Beehiiv affiliate program

With its generous commissions and recurring payments, the Beehiiv affiliate program offers a pretty compelling opportunity.

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Affiliate Marketing Tips and Ideas

Here are some tips to help you maximize your earnings as a Beehiiv affiliate:

  • Create content about Beehiiv – product reviews, tutorials, comparisons, etc. Dedicated content converts really well for affiliate promotions.
  • Make sure to disclose your affiliate relationship when promoting Beehiiv. This builds trust with your audience.
  • Don’t just share your link – tell your audience why they should use Beehiiv and the value it provides. Write about the benefits.
  • Use email sequences to repeatedly expose subscribers to your Beehiiv affiliate link. It often takes multiple touches for someone to convert.
  • Promote across multiple platforms and don’t just rely on one channel. Reach your audience from different angles.
  • Offer custom coupon codes or bonuses to make signing up through your link more enticing.
  • Be patient – affiliate marketing is a numbers game that compounds over time. Focus on providing value first.

The most important thing is providing your audience with authentic value. Don’t spam your links.

Instead, show your audience how Beehiiv can benefit them and build trust. The sales will follow.

Maximizing Your Beehiiv Earnings

To maximize your earnings as a Beehiiv affiliate, focus on the following:

  • Getting more signups by promoting to a larger audience and new traffic sources. Expand your reach.
  • Encouraging referrals to upgrade to paid plans so you earn higher commissions. Promote the benefits of pro plans.
  • Building an email list and sending broadcast promos. Email converts really well for affiliate deals.
  • Writing in-depth content and reviews around the tool. Dedicated content shows you’re an authority.
  • Using promotions and discounts to get more sales during promotions. People love special offers.
  • Being patient and playing the long game. Don’t burn out your audience with promotions. Provide value.

Over time, your monthly recurring commissions can really add up with the Beehiiv program.

By providing consistent value to your audience and smartly promoting the affiliate program, you can maximize your potential earnings.


The Beehiiv affiliate program provides an excellent opportunity to earn recurring passive income as a content creator.

With generous 50% commissions and monthly payouts, you can start seeing results without needing a huge audience.

Just focus on genuinely helping your audience, creating value, and smartly integrating promotions for Beehiiv as an affiliate.

Over time, you can build a steady stream of passive affiliate income with this program.


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