AI HUSTLE LAB #2 – The NPC Phenomenon is Now a Crazy Opportunity on TikTok

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After the NFT bubble burst and many people lost significant amounts of money, despite believing it to be a gold mine, we now have another trend emerging.

It is called NPC streaming and can be found on TikTok. In simple terms, it involves a person acting as a non-player character (NPC) in a video game. When someone gives a gift to this person, it triggers a sound or catchphrase similar to what you would hear in a game.

Crazy, right? These streamers are making thousands of dollars per single stream.

In this edition of AI Hustle Lab, I will not only share an article about NPC streaming but also provide you with a few legitimate and sustainable methods of making money.


  • Insight: How to make money selling AI content on Fiverr
  • News: The NPC craze really offers money for robotic gibberish
  • AI tools: Opus Clip
  • Tutorial:  I Tried to Make $10,000 in a Week With ChatGPT

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Insight: How to Make Money Selling AI Content on Fiverr

As someone who makes money online and loves new technology, I am always trying to find new ways to incorporate the latest tech trends into money-making opportunities.

That is why I have written an article about an innovative approach to using artificial intelligence to create content for sale on Fiverr, a platform often criticized for its low pricing structure.

Despite this, I still believe that AI tools have the potential to transform Fiverr into a profitable side gig. I see opportunities for the rapid production of short-form content, such as Pinterest descriptions, product descriptions, YouTube descriptions, Etsy descriptions, and straightforward articles, through the use of AI.

Read more about it here

News: The NPC craze really offers money for robotic gibberish

The digital economy has brought about a range of unconventional opportunities for making money. One such example is the trend of meme stock trading, which briefly allowed individuals to become millionaires overnight through seemingly absurd means.

Then NFT craze took the world by storm, with people making significant profits from buying and selling digital pictures called NFTs, particularly those featuring bored apes. However, as expected with any bubble, it eventually burst. NFTs and similar trends like foot pics are now considered outdated; in 2023, the focus is shifting to what is known as the NPC phenomenon.

Read more about it here

AI Tool to Help You Generate Short Clips in Seconds

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Tutorial: I Tried to Make $10,000 in a Week With ChatGPT

YouTube is filled with videos promising to help you make easy money. In this “I tried” series, I have tested a method that I am currently using.

But I can assure you, that you cannot generate $10k a week with this method. However, you can build a significant extra income.

So, what do you need to do?

You need a ChatGPT, and Medium account, where you will publish the AI-generated article.

However, not everything is as shiny as it may seem. There are numerous disadvantages to these methods. In this article, I will explain what you should do to make money.

You can read the full article here

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