My 2Captcha Review: Can You Really Make $1 Per Minute or is it Just a Scam?

(Last Updated On: February 23, 2023)

Captcha sites might seem like a great way to make some extra money, but there are plenty of things you need to consider before taking the leap. I’m here to let you in on what they’re all about and why they may not be the best choice for you.

This article is a direct response to a YouTube video that promises to make you $1 per minute by solving captchas.

$1 Per Minute Typing Captcha

Let’s be real, that sounds too good to be true. In this article, I want to explain to you why.

Don’t worry, I’m not here to crush your dreams, just to give you a reality check.

So, let’s explore why captcha-solving sites may not be the best way to make money.

Note: I have also made a video about this topic. You can watch it below.

What Are Captcha-Solving Sites?

Before anything else, let’s learn a bit more about captcha-solving sites and how they operate.

Captcha-solving sites are becoming increasingly popular as they offer a simple opportunity for people to earn money.

Most of us have encountered captchas when filling out online forms; these are usually the sets of squiggly letters and numbers used for verification.

The idea is that companies use these captchas to prevent bots and spammers from flooding their systems with fake responses.

The job involves solving captchas from any place with internet access, yet the pay is often minimal – workers only get a few cents for every 100 captchas they solve.

Moreover, captcha-solving sites have restrictions on both the number of captchas that can be solved in a day and the mistakes one makes while solving.

This leads to income limitations for those who depend on such sites as their sole source of income.

If this sounds like a viable source of income, let’s explore a well-known website, 2Captcha.

This is because almost all these sites follow the same principle, so understanding one helps to get a better understanding of the whole industry.

Is 2Captcha Legit or Scam?

2Captcha is an online platform that rewards users for completing captchas.

If you’re unfamiliar, captchas are visual puzzles that require you to identify letters and numbers within a distorted image.

They’re used to prevent bots from spamming websites and are an essential tool for online security.

So, how does 2Captcha work?

Well, it’s pretty simple.

In order to start captcha-solving, you have to first sign up and pass a test. However, the return for this service is not great due to the low pay; usually, workers only earn a few cents for every 100 captchas they solve.

Our rates are flexible and depend on the total amount of captchas submitted by customers, the total number of workers online, and the complexity of captchas. The rate for normal captchas is between $0.14 – $0.6 per 1000. The rate for ReCaptcha V2 which can be solved when you use our software is fixed at $1 per 1000. The rate for each captcha is shown on your screen near the captcha.


Furthermore, be careful with mistakes because your account may get suspended if you make too many.

Now, you might be thinking, “But wait, isn’t the mentioned video promising me a dollar per minute? That sounds amazing!”

Hold your horses, my friend.

That’s an unrealistic expectation. To make that amount of money, you need to solve a minimum of 2,500 captchas within an hour which is almost impossible. Even if you somehow manage it, your eyes and fingers will get tired before you reach the required limit.

So, is 2Captcha a scam?

Well, technically, it’s not.

Despite paying their workers, the payments are incredibly low.

On top of this, the painstakingly dull tasks require a lot of dedication and focus with no guarantee that your labor will be compensated in the end.

Unfortunately, 2Captcha has a history of not paying its workers for various reasons.

2Captcha customer reviews

Additionally, using captcha-solving sites is considered unethical because they are often used to create spam campaigns and fake social media accounts.

Therefore, while 2Captcha might not be a scam, it’s not exactly the most moral way to make money.

Can You Make Money With 2Captcha?

The most logical way to make money on 2Capcha is by referring other people to work for this service.

According to the affiliate program, you get 10% of the earnings for every referral.

2Captcha referral

In other words, the more people you refer to, the more money you will make.

Despite this, you are still making only a few cents per hour not as much as a dollar per minute.

While I understand the argument that even a little bit of extra money is better than nothing, it is not nearly enough.

The fact is, investing a lot of time and energy into 2Captcha most likely won’t generate any substantial financial rewards, so it’s probably not worth it.

Why Do Captcha-Solving Websites Exist?

Captcha-solving websites exist because there is a demand for them.

These platforms facilitate bypassing of captcha tests, which are created to differentiate humans and robots online. This service is accessible both by people and businesses alike.

Despite some benefits of captcha-solving websites, like granting access to individuals with visual impairments, these platforms are frequently linked to unethical practices like manufacturing artificial social media accounts or auto-spamming.

Are Those Sites Even Legal?

In fact, the legality of captcha-solving websites varies depending on the jurisdiction.

In certain places, using these services could be considered a breach of the website’s Terms and Conditions. In other countries, using these sites may be illegal under anti-spam or computer fraud laws.

Despite these issues, they’re still quite popular and often operate in the questionable legal territory.

However, certain websites claim to be in compliance with the law by only providing their services to users who swear that they won’t engage in any kind of illegal activity.

What Are Some Alternatives to 2Captcha?

Well, there are actually plenty of other ways to make money online that don’t involve exploiting vulnerable workers.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:


If you have a set of skills like writing, designing, or programming, you can begin freelancing and make money. You can find many platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr where one can craft their profile and present their offerings to prospects.

Online tutoring

If you have expertise in a specific area, why not become a tutor? There are lots of websites like Chegg and TutorMe where you can sign up and offer your services as a tutor.

Selling products online

If you have a creative side, there are numerous platforms to sell your handmade products such as Etsy and Amazon. It doesn’t matter what you make – jewelry, art, clothing, or printables – there is always a demand for it in the market.

Online surveys

Participating in online surveys may not be the most profitable job, but it could help you make some extra money on the side. It is important to be wary of scams, however, and to only register with reliable survey websites.


Blogging can be a rewarding and fulfilling hobby if you have a passion for writing and a specific topic. Although it can be difficult to make money blogging, there are opportunities to generate income through sponsored content or ads.


While the list above contains a few ideas for making money online, there are plenty of other options that don’t involve exploiting workers.

The best way is to find something you feel passionate about and deliver it in a way that benefits others.

All in all, 2Captcha may appear to be a way to make some quick money, however, it is an imperfect system that takes advantage of vulnerable laborers and can counter the security measures it was created to endure.

While it is possible to make some money from this website, I don’t believe it would be worth your time even if you successfully refer other workers and get a share of their revenue.

Rather than spending your time on activities or tasks that are unfulfilling or immoral, investigate different methods online to make money that aligns with your values and passions.

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