Make Money with Benable, the Hot New Recommendation Platform

If you’ve been active on social media lately, you may have heard whispers about an intriguing new platform called Benable.

And in this article, I’ll explain what exactly Benable is, how it works, and most importantly – how you can make money with Benable and use it to start earning commissions from the things you recommend.

What is Benable?

Make money on Benable

Benable is a recently launched platform that makes it easy for anyone to create beautiful, shareable lists of their favorite products, places, services, recipes, videos, articles – you name it.

Have you ever gotten tired of constantly being asked for recommendations from friends and family?

Or found that your personal favorites get buried and lost in your main feeds?

Benable solves those problems by allowing you to compile and organize all your top picks in one spot, with sleek, visually compelling lists that are designed to be shared.

Think of it like an elevated, monetized version of Linktree.

How Benable Works?

In a nutshell, here is how Benable works:

First, you sign up for a free account and create lists based on topics or themes (Best Apps for Productivity, Favorite Books of 2023, Top LA Restaurants, etc).


This platform is invitation-only, so to skip the waiting list, use my Benable invitation code M68N5, or use this link.

Next, you add items to your lists. This can be done by simply pasting a link, typing in keywords, or uploading images.

Make money with Benable

Benable’s technology will automatically pull in extra information like photos, descriptions, reviews, and other relevant details to round out your entries.

You can then go in and customize each entry with your own commentary, swap photos, and make edits as needed. The goal is to provide value through thoughtful context and personalization.

Make money on Benable

Once your lists are ready, Benable makes it simple to share them anywhere you want – your Linktree, blogs, social media bios, etc. When people click through and buy something you’ve recommended, you earn a commission.

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Emails suck, ours don’t. It’s usually under 300 words, and easy to read. It’s becoming the top newsletter for making extra money with your creative talents while keeping your regular job. More than 2,000 creative people have already joined. You should sign up too!

How to Make Money With Benable

One of the coolest parts of Benable is that they have partnered with over 35,000 major brands and sites to facilitate seamless affiliate earnings for users. We’re talking big names like Sephora, Amazon, Etsy, Coursera, TripAdvisor, Lululemon,, and more.

So anytime you add a product or service from one of Benable’s integrated partners to your list, it will automatically populate with your personalized affiliate link.

If someone clicks through and makes a qualifying purchase, you’ll earn a commission from that brand.

This presents a fantastic passive income opportunity, especially if you enjoy discovering and sharing new products, apps, destinations, and services anyway. You can earn money just for compiling lists of your genuine favorites!

Why Should You Use Benable?

Now, Benable isn’t limited solely to monetizable recommendations.

You can add pretty much anything to your lists – local businesses, articles, recipes, non-profit organizations, and more. Even if a recommendation doesn’t have an affiliate program, it still provides value to your audience.

The key is curating lists on topics you have expertise, interest, or experience in.

For example, an avid hiker could make lists of the best day hikes in the Pacific Northwest.

A book lover could make lists of book recommendations by genre. A techie could make lists of the best smart home products. A foodie could make lists of the top restaurants in their city. You get the idea!

Benable’s mantra is “help others by sharing what you love.” When you provide authentic value through thoughtful recommendations, you build authority and trust. This leads to higher engagement and more conversions down the line.

Their robust analytics make it easy to see which lists and specific recommendations are gaining the most traction. You can double down on what resonates with your audience and tailor future lists accordingly.

A few more tips for getting started with Benable:

  • Focus your early lists on your absolutely favorite items and hidden gems. Share your secret sauce!
  • Splice in personalized commentary and photos to add color. Don’t just make basic lists.
  • Promote your Benable profile anywhere you have an audience – email signature, relevant Facebook Groups, niche forums, etc.
  • Make your lists visual eye candy. Well-designed lists attract more clicks.
  • Update your lists regularly with fresh recommendations. Give readers a reason to revisit.
  • Explore Benable’s template list ideas for inspiration. No need to reinvent the wheel.
  • Check your stats and see which lists are performing best. Cater future lists to that interest.
  • Be authentic. Recommend things you genuinely love and use. Passion comes through.

Bottom Line

Benable is currently still invite-only as they scale up, but you can skip the waitlist by using the invite code “M68N5” or by clicking this link. I highly recommend joining Benable now to stake your claim on this promising new platform.

Think of it as an exclusive club that rewards you for sharing your favorite finds. Benable has proven the model works – their initial test users earned commissions within 24 hours of joining.

So why not get paid for compiling lists you’d make anyway, while also helping others discover cool new stuff? What do you have to lose? Sign up with my code, create some lists, spread the word, and watch those affiliate commissions roll in.

I’m excited to grow my Benable profile and believe this platform has huge potential. Don’t miss out on getting in early! Let me know if you have any other questions. I’m hooked on Benable and happy to help fellow recommendation enthusiasts.


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