Is Wintub Legit or Not: I Tried to Get Paid $2 Every Minute Watching YouTube Videos (Tested)

Wintub is a site where you get paid $2 every minute watching videos, according to some YouTubers.

I tested this website and in this article, I want to share my real opinion.

Is Wintub a scam, fake, or legit way to make money online?

As you probably know, YouTube is full of videos where people are promising quick money with almost no work.

These videos typically target people who are just starting out making money online and offer them the chance to make their fortune without much effort.

Unfortunately, these videos are full of false promises. You will never get rich quickly with no work, but you can start to make some money by doing hard work that pays off in the long run.

That said, I have created a YouTube channel that is all about finding new ways to make money online.

Note: You can also watch my video where I talk about Wintub and my effort to make money on this website.

And I have decided to create a series where I would test various money-making methods and get people’s honest opinions.

And in this article, I would like to test a website called Wintub where you can get paid 2 dollars every minute watching YouTube videos.

Sounds simple, right?

In fact, in this article, I will tell you how long I tried this side hustle, show you my results, and give you my honest opinion.

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Wintub Review – Fake or Real

So, what the original video talks about is to go and log in to a website called Wintub and simply watch videos for 34 seconds and you will get paid around 50 cents for each video.

OK, why not give it a try?

So, I opened the website called Wintub and took a closer look at the service.

And before I get started, I always want to learn as much as possible about the service that I would use.

According to Wintub itself, they are the most popular spot online to earn cash for watching videos for the everyday thing you already do online. Earn Money when watching entertaining videos, finally, you can get cash from Paypal, WebMoney, Bitcoin, and more options. Wintub has already paid out members. Put cash in your wallet. Join for free today.

Is Wintub scam

To be honest, I know these services from the beginning. They let you watch a few videos a day, try to convince you to go back tomorrow, and every other day, you’ll watch another set of their videos, earn a few cents, and then, when it’s time to get paid, you’ll never see your money.

They will do everything in their power not to pay you.

So, is Wintub an exception?

How Does Wintub Work

You should first understand that any website that is going to pay you for using its service must have clear terms and conditions and a user policy.

This should include a clear statement of your position and what you can expect.

You should also see a company name, address, contact form, and telephone number. This is a law, and Wintub doesn’t have any of these anywhere on its website.

And this is the first huge warning point for me.

And when I open the terms and conditions page, I get a generic text that has no value in the world of law.

There is even a section where they write that our Terms and Conditions were created with the help of the Terms And Conditions Generator.

So, this is another huge red flag for me.

Even though I have huge reservations about this website, I decided to create a fake account. For these purposes, I very often use a service called Temp Mail, which provides a temporary, secure, anonymous, and disposable email address for free.

So, here is a dashboard.

Is Wintub Paying

A very simple dashboard with a few videos that you can watch and get paid for each time you do.

In the withdraw section, you get a few services you can use to withdraw your money from this website, but I honestly can say that this section will never work for anyone.

Is Wintub legit

So, let’s start earning money by watching videos.

After watching 6 videos for 34 seconds each, I have collected almost 8 dollars in a few minutes. When I take back the 5-dollar sign-up bonus, I have earned almost 3 dollars in under 2 minutes.

Not bad, but the issue is that I need to wait 24 hours to watch another set of videos and earn another three dollars. With this tempo, I need a whole month to collect at least 80 dollars and withdraw them from my account.

But there is an issue.

In general, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Making money online often requires hard work and dedication, just like any other job.

It’s important to be wary of scams and to do your research before getting involved in any opportunity that promises easy money.

In my opinion, all YouTubers who claim to earn $10 or even 100 per day by watching YouTube videos are fake and scams. The website pays you very little money to watch them or restricts you from withdrawing your money.

I recommend you stay away from such things. You will just waste your time.

Is Wintub a Scam or Legit?

It’s important to note that Wintub is not a new platform hence there are a lot of reviews left by users on the internet. And what is more interesting, most of the reviews are negative.  

And a quick search on the internet led me to this thread on Quora.

Here, most people are talking the same way. They call Wintub a fake and scammy website.

Just read this:

Wintub fake or legit

“I used to get 1.2 dollar a day by watching 5 videos. After watching for 2 months, I reached 56 dollars. One day when I logged into Wintub, the reward was cut down drastically. Now I only got 0.03 instead of the 1.2 dollars I got per day.

If you do the math with the new reward of 0.03 dollar a day you would need at least a month to reach just a dollar.”

And here is another one.

“It is 100 percent fake. Don’t trust it. If you reach 56 dollar then, per video it will give 0.00013. So you need to go 80 dollars that is not possible. There are too many scam available in online and real thing is don’t trust the youtubers.”

There are also tons of honest reviews about Wintub on Trustpilot.

Let’s read a few of them:

“ is a fraud website. They cannot pay any amount to the user. Reason for the first few days, you received 0.32, 0.28, and 0.40 USD extra paid video. But once you cross 50 USD, they provide you 0.003, 0.0032 blaw blaw. And you should also add 15 referrals, which is mandatory. Without adding 15 referrals, you cannot payout.”

“WinTub is 200% scam. Expose them. When you reach a reasonable balance in your account, your account is suspended. Don’t waste time with them and other sites similar to this.”

“It’s very surprising why in the virtual world, many people misuse the mentality of fraud, including recommendations from YouTubers who are only looking for subscribing for their own benefit and for their group’s benefit, deceiving internet users. including this Wintub, which only aims to cheat, harms a lot of people and they take advantage of it.“

Is Wintub Paying?

If you are looking for payment proof from Wintub, just watch this video of a fellow YouTuber called PaidfromSurveys who is trying to withdraw the money.

In my opinion, Wintub has many signs of fraudulent behavior and I would recommend that anyone stay away from Wintub and not waste their time here.


But what should you do instead?

Firstly you should understand, that making money online takes time and effort. If you have some skills that can be performed online, try freelancing where you get paid for doing virtual work.

Try to use Fiverr, Upwork, or Freelancer, which are platforms that connect freelancers with companies that are hiring people to do particular tasks.

If you have more patience, try affiliate marketing or blogging, which can make you more money in the long run, but takes time.

Or try to start a YouTube channel. Do not listen to anyone who is saying that is too late to start a YouTube channel.

It’s never too late and there is still an opportunity to make life-changing money on YouTube.

In conclusion, if you want to make money online, try to use common sense. If something sounds too good to be true, there is always a catch.

Be wary of scams and do your research before you get involved in any opportunity that promises you to make money fast.

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