Is it Normal to Have Just a Few Views on Your First YouTube Videos?

Starting a YouTube channel is still a great idea; however, unless you are a famous person, it can be hard to get any attention to your first videos.

This is something that many starting YouTubers will discourage, making it harder to work and publish frequently.

I know from my own experience that it took over a year to get 1,000 subscribers on my first YouTube channel, and the views on the videos were so disappointing.

So, if you want to start your journey on YouTube, you need to have ideas, enthusiasm, and the ability to create creative content to share with the world.


This is because the first excitement can quickly turn to disappointment when you realize that you’re only getting a handful of views.

So, you may ask yourself, “Is it Normal to Have Only a Few Views on Your First YouTube Videos?”

The short answer is… YES, it’s completely normal to have just a few views on your first YouTube videos.

And here is why.

Huge Competition

low videos on first videos

First of all, let’s discuss the statistics. According to the latest Statista reports, over 2.6 billion people worldwide use YouTube every month.

That’s impressive but take into account that YouTube has more than 51 million active channels.

That’s a lot of competition!

Building an audience on YouTube takes time, effort, and consistency.

It also takes time to get recognized by the platform itself; you need to upload tens of videos to give YouTube a clue about what your channel is about.

With all that facts, it’s rare for a channel to become an overnight sensation, and even those that do usually have a few videos that don’t perform as well as the rest.

When you’re starting, you’re starting from scratch.

No audience, no topical authority.

The only way to get your videos seen is to promote them through social media, share them with friends and family, and hope that they’ll get picked up by the YouTube algorithm.

But after fifteen or twenty videos, you should get discovered on YouTube and start getting more views regularly.

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YouTube Algorithm

Another thing to consider is that YouTube is a search engine and has its algorithm.

Just like Google, people use it to find information, answers, and entertainment.

If your videos are not optimized for search, the algorithm will not rank them highly.

Additionally, if you do not have enough subscribers, you will not outrank more successful channels.

In the beginning, it is important to do some keyword research and optimize your titles, descriptions, and tags so that your videos have a better chance of being discovered.

You should also spend time designing an eye-catching thumbnail that can get you more than a 7% click-through rate, as this will also affect how your video is suggested on the YouTube platform.

Moreover, YouTube wants people to stay on their platform for as long as possible, so if your video has a high watch time, the algorithm will push it to more people.

You Need a Lot of Patience

Lastly, don’t let low view counts discourage you.

Every successful YouTuber started somewhere, and they all have videos that didn’t perform as well as they’d hoped.

It’s all part of the learning process. Use your early videos as an opportunity to experiment, try new things, and get comfortable in front of the camera and microphone.

As you continue to create content, you will become better at it, and your audience will grow.

However, it takes a lot of time and patience, so be prepared for that.

YouTube may not be an overnight success, but it can provide you with life-changing opportunities.


It’s completely normal for one to have tens of views on their first YouTube videos; it happens to almost everyone, including me.

Successful YouTubers will tell you that it takes time, effort, and consistency to build an audience on YouTube, and even then, not every video will be a hit.

My advice is: don’t let low view counts discourage you. Keep creating content that you are proud of, and your audience will find you.


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