How to Upload Your Midjourney Images Directly to Stock Photo Websites

If you’re anything like me, you know how important it is to reach a broad audience when it comes to selling your AI-generated photos online.

In today’s social media-driven era, achieving productivity can still be challenging. Therefore, I am constantly searching for tools that can help me work more efficiently.

Imagine my excitement when I discovered that Wirestock, a platform I frequently use, now supports the direct transfer of Midjourney AI-generated images from Discord to Wirestock for upscaling and posting.

This new feature brings a more streamlined and efficient process to content creators like us.

And in this article, I’ll walk you through the steps and provide you with all the information you need to know.

Key Takeaways

  • Uploading Midjourney images directly to Wirestock via their Discord bot provides an efficient process for content creators.
  • Wirestock is a platform that manages your stock images across multiple agencies, saving you valuable time.
  • It’s important to upload AI-generated images to stock photo websites that accept such content.
  • Wirestock takes a small cut from each image sold and offers premium plans with limitations on free uploads.
  • Consider leveraging multiple stock photo platforms to maximize your earning potential.

So, let’s get started!

What Exactly is Wirestock?

Have you ever heard of Wirestock? It is a platform that is designed to simplify the management of your stock images across various agencies.

With Wirestock, you only need to upload your images once, and the platform takes care of distributing them to various stock agencies automatically.

Wirestock currently partners with reputable stock photo platforms such as Getty Images, Adobe Stock, Pond5, and Shutterstock. However, it is worth mentioning that not all of these platforms accept AI-generated images.

Here’s something you need to know: You should refrain from uploading any AI-generated images to marketplaces where it is prohibited. If you disregard this rule, your submission will be rejected and it will negatively impact your approval rate.

Therefore, I recommend focusing on sites that allow such content in order to maximize your chances of success.


With this in mind, it is important to note that one of the standout features of Wirestock is its ability to save you valuable time.

Instead of spending hours on manual uploads and writing titles and descriptions, you can let Wirestock handle this for you. This way, you’ll have more time to promote your content or create new ones.

Sounds great, right?

However, there are a couple of downsides to consider.

Firstly, Wirestock charges a small percentage of the sales of each image or photo you make through its platform. While it may seem insignificant on its own, it can accumulate over time and impact your earnings.

Furthermore, the company has recently launched a subscription service known as Premium and is urging users to sign up for these premium plans. Essentially, they have implemented a restriction on the number of images users can upload for free every month.

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How Can You Upload to Wirestock Directly From Midjourney?

Now, let’s move on to the exciting part—uploading your Midjourney images directly to Wirestock!

Wirestock has introduced a feature that aims to make the lives of AI creators much easier. At least the creators that are using the Midjourney image model.

They’ve developed a Discord bot that enables you to send images generated by Midjourney directly from Discord to Wirestock.

Allow me to walk you through the simple process of connecting the bot to the Wirestock platform.

STEP 1: To get started, you will have to install the Wirestock bot on your Discord account. You can do this by following the provided link. If you prefer a visual guide, there is also a helpful video tutorial available for reference.

STEP 2: To link your Wirestock account to Discord, you need to go to your Wirestock account and access the Account Settings section. In this section, you will find your Discord token, which is crucial for connecting your Wirestock account with the Discord bot. Be sure to copy this token accurately as it serves as the key connection between the two platforms.

STEP 3: To connect to your Discord server, you can start by typing the command “/login” in Discord. When you enter this command, it will trigger the bot to ask for your Discord Token as part of the connection process. Simply paste the token you copied from your Wirestock account settings into the text channel and hit enter. This will establish the link between your Discord account and Wirestock.

STEP 4: Now that the connection is established, let’s move on to uploading your Midjourney images. In the Midjourney interface, locate the image you want to send. You’ll notice a “More” icon next to it. Click on that, and a dropdown menu will appear. From the menu, select “Apps” and then choose “Upscale & Publish”. The Wirestock bot will take care of upscaling the image for you and post it directly to your Wirestock portfolio.

After you have submitted your image to Wirestock, their bot will handle the task of upscaling it for you. Once the process is finished, the bot will send you a message containing a link. All you need to do is click on that link to access your Wirestock portfolio, where you will be able to locate and view the image that was recently uploaded.

Combining Wirestock and Midjourney to Make Money

After learning how to upload your Midjourney images directly to Wirestock, let’s talk about opportunities for earning money with this dynamic pairing.

In addition to what I mentioned before, Wirestock provides a convenient way for you to quickly upload your AI-generated art to numerous stock photo platforms. They also offer themed challenges, which give you the chance to create AI art that fits those themes and potentially win up to $500 if you’re fortunate enough.

Wirestock AI challenges

However, it’s important to note that free accounts on Wirestock have a monthly upload limit of 100, and submissions to these challenges count toward that limit.

Based on my experience, making money with Wirestock is a fairly straightforward process. I upload my AI art manually to popular stock photo platforms such as Adobe Stock and 123RF. Then, I use Wirestock to upload the same AI images to other platforms where I don’t have an account.

When it comes to the effectiveness of this strategy, there are certain challenges to consider, particularly about AI-generated images.

Numerous platforms are now filled with such content, which means the review process can be quite time-consuming. As an example, Adobe Stock typically takes over two months for the approval of AI images.

This can be a significant disadvantage, and it is important to not expect immediate results. Patience is key in this situation.


For optimizing your uploading process, I suggest trying out Wirestock and its Discord bot. It’s worth considering as it provides an efficient way to reach a large audience and sell your AI-generated photos online.

By using tools such as Wirestock and the easy option of uploading Midjourney images directly via their Discord bot, you can effectively streamline your workflow and improve your chances for sales.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Does Wirestock charge any fees?

Wirestock takes a small cut from each image or photo you sell through their platform. While the fee is not substantial, it does accumulate over time. Additionally, they have recently introduced premium plans that limit the number of free uploads per month.

Can I make money with AI art through Wirestock?

By uploading your AI-generated images to Wirestock, you have the opportunity to sell them on multiple stock photo platforms. Wirestock also offers challenges with specific themes, giving you a chance to showcase your AI art and potentially win cash prizes.

Should I upload my AI art exclusively to Wirestock?

It’s recommended to leverage multiple stock photo platforms to maximize your earning potential. While Wirestock offers convenience and broad distribution, it’s also beneficial to manually upload your AI art to other platforms where you don’t have an account.

How can I get started with uploading my Midjourney images to Wirestock?

To begin, install the Wirestock bot onto your Discord account and link your Wirestock account to Discord. Then, use the Wirestock bot to upscale and publish your Midjourney images directly to your Wirestock portfolio. Follow the provided steps in this article for a detailed guide.

Is Wirestock suitable for all types of photographers and content creators?

Wirestock is suitable for photographers and content creators of various backgrounds. Whether you’re an AI artist, professional photographer, or enthusiast, Wirestock offers a convenient platform to manage and distribute your images across multiple stock photo websites.


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