Simple Yet Effective Tips for Scoring More Work As A Freelancer

It’s hard to find clients on your own. You know that freelancing is a great career decision, but the competition is fierce and you’re worried that you’ll never be able to score enough clients.

Freelancing offers the opportunity to work on your terms, build your schedule, and even make money while traveling or having fun. But there are some challenges, like not getting enough work.

Luckily, the freelancing doesn’t need to be difficult!

This guide offers some simple yet effective tips on how you can score more clients and more work for your freelance career.

With these tips in hand, you’ll be able to get started with little-to-no struggles at all.

Write a Stunning Bio

work as a freelancer

You only get one chance to make a first impression. People are quick to dismiss profiles that don’t have a well-written, interesting bio. That’s why you need to write your bio with care!

The best way to engage readers is to write in the first-person voice. As a copywriter, it’s your job to tell your story engagingly, and this is one way you can do that.

It also helps if you’re trying to show how YOU are the best person for the job or position or writing a bio for yourself.

Writing a bio in the first-person view makes it more personal and engaging for readers.

Show People Your Work

As a freelancer, you probably never felt the need to show off my work. You perhaps send links to your published work whenever a client requests them.

The problem is, clients, don’t always know what they’re looking for and see your portfolio as an easy way to find exactly what they’re looking for.

If you’re a freelance writer, web designer, graphic designer, or video editor then consider adding samples of your work to your profile.

Having a portfolio is beneficial for any freelancer.

It provides more concrete evidence of the quality of content that you produce and may even catch the eye of potential employers.

It is really important to create a convincing portfolio that showcases your past work so that clients can see your qualifications and what you have to offer.

Be on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social networking site that is usually only associated with hard-to-find job listings.

However, professionals still use LinkedIn as a means of connecting with other professionals and following their work. In addition to being a professional networking tool, LinkedIn also offers the benefit of being able to have access to a wide range of industry trends and topics.

LinkedIn is also a great way to find a full-time job as a freelancer, but it can also be used to find other freelancers for jobs.

You would not believe it, but for many people, it is the first place they go when I need to find someone who does something specific.

Who would have guessed that there are still people using LinkedIn for hiring and discovering professionals, despite its use being declining?

In fact, more than ever, people are turning to LinkedIn for help with everything ranging from hiring new employees to discovering what industry professionals are doing.

LinkedIn has turned into the premier social media platform for business networking and personal branding. Now there are even reports of companies using it as a recruitment tool to find new talent.

Your LinkedIn profile is the single most important tool for professional development. The better your profile, the higher the likelihood you can find success.

LinkedIn is a good place to start when building your professional network. It’s important to have an accurate and complete profile so people can find you.

There are many ways to build your profile including adding skills, education, work experience, publications, and more. If you want to increase your chances of success on LinkedIn, it may be worth investing time in expanding your profile.

Have Your Website

more work as a freelancer

Freelancers are self-employed individuals who need a place to show off their professional talents and create an online resume for potential clients.

Websites provide the perfect opportunity for those looking to build a personal brand as well as those who want to find work on their terms.

Launch a simple, beautiful website that showcases my design portfolio.

Share your story through your portfolio. You will be surprised you can have more than enough clients without the need to pitch or apply for new jobs.

As a freelancer, you are always looking for new jobs and pitching. Sometimes you need to accept low-paying jobs because you are not able to raise your rates.

However, when you have your website where you are showing off your portfolio of past work, then you can attract more job opportunities than ever.

Just let your portfolio speak for you!


Being a freelancer is tough. There is no question about it. You’re risking it all every time you go hunting for new clients and finding them can feel like a constant uphill battle.

Clients are the lifeblood of any freelancer, and with so many of them out there, they can be hard to come by. There are only so many hours in the day to work on new business development.

It’s not easy to make enough money when you’re self-employed. While the hunt for clients is exhausting, you should try everything you can to let them hunt you.

Give your clients opportunities to find you. Show them your past work, have a strong bio and give them all they need to hire you.

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