ClickASnap Review – Is ClickASnap Legit or a Scam? Should You Upload Photos to Earn Money?

Lots of people love taking cool photos.

And even more, wish they could earn some cash from this fun hobby.

So a website called ClickASnap seems very interesting. It says you can get paid when people view your posted pics online.

This sounds way too good to be true!

But could ClickASnap work to make photographers some extra spending money? Or will you just waste time and end up disappointed?

I reviewed exactly what ClickASnap offers to see if it’s legit or a scam for earning photo income.

Here’s what I learned in plain and simple words.

ClickASnap Review

ClickASnap isn’t an outright scam, but earning meaningful money is extremely tough for most users.

You only make a tiny fraction of one penny per photo view as a free member.

Upgrading to make more per view costs monthly fees that likely won’t pay off.

This makes income potential very limited for casual photographers without big audiences already.

ClickASnap may work to complement other stock photo earnings sources, but likely won’t be profitable on its own.

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How ClickASnap Says You Can Earn Money from Photo Uploads

When you first see ClickASnap advertised online or on social media, it instantly grabs your attention.

The website claims you can earn cash when people view your uploaded photos through their platform.

At first glance, this seems like an absolute dream! Just post some pics you took and collect money anytime someone looks at them?

Seems way too simple!

But as we all know, offers that look too good to be true usually are. Let’s take a closer inspection of how ClickASnap actually works to see if there’s any real potential for photographers.

ClickASnap review

You Only Earn a Tiny Amount Per View as a Free User

So here’s the first kicker.

When you join ClickASnap (which is free), you only make 0.1 cent per photo view – one-tenth of one penny! That’s almost nothing.

Their advertised “earn per view” statements sound way more exciting before you sign up. But they don’t readily promote that almost all income requires paid memberships.

Let’s Think About the Math Here

To make even 15 dollars at 0.1 of a cent per view would require a whopping 15,000 views.

Here is the math:

  • You need $15 in earnings to get a payout
  • You earn $0.001 (0.1 cents) per photo view
  • To calculate how many views you need:
  • Take the amount you want to earn ($15) and divide it by the amount you earn per view ($0.001)
  • $15 / $0.001 = 15,000

Therefore, with a payout rate of $0.001 per photo view, you would need 15,000 views in order to earn $15.

To break this down…

  • $0.001 x 15,000 views = $15

So at a rate of 0.1 cents per view, you need 15,000 photo views to meet the $15 payout threshold.

Think of how many total eyeballs would need to see your images to reach this.

That’s a ton of views required before you hit the minimum amount to cash out earnings.

And that 15 dollar cash out minimum is another limiting hurdle by itself. You can’t even withdraw a single cent until your total balance hits that threshold.

So just reaching the minimum payout alone poses a steep challenge for casual free users. Let alone accumulating higher earnings over time.

Pay to Upgrade for Better View Payouts

Okay, so the free membership route really restricts income potential from photo views.

What about upgrading to unlock better view payout rates?

ClickASnap does offer some paid subscriptions with higher per-view earnings. But those tiny view revenue gains still don’t seem to offset the monthly upgrade fees.

Let’s look closer at two paid tiers…

The “Seller” plan costs about 7 dollars monthly. This bumps your per-view earnings up to 0.8 cents.

To recoup that 7 dollar fee each month, your photos would need almost 900 views. And nearly 2,750 views to make 15 dollars.

Monthly subscription fee $7
Minimum payout threshold $15
Total costs to recoup $22
Per paid photo view $0.008 (0.8 cents)
Total views needed 2,750

Stepping up to “Pro” status costs 9 dollars monthly for a per-view rate of 0.9 cents. Slightly better, but still not amazing.

You’d need over 1,000 views to earn back the 9 dollar charge. And your photos would require 2,700 views to cash out just 15 dollars.

Monthly subscription fee $9
Minimum payout threshold $15
Total costs to recoup $24
Per paid photo view $0.009 (0.9 cents)
Total views needed 2,667

When you map out these numbers, it shows a tough uphill climb to offset those monthly costs. Let alone churn out consistent photographer income through views.

Views Must Meet Extra Criteria to Qualify for Earnings

And there’s still another major barrier to getting paid for views – extremely strict view time requirements.

For a view to qualify for payment on ClickASnap, someone must actively look at your photo for 5 seconds at minimum. Anything less doesn’t count.

Think about that. With photos in general online getting just quick glances, only a small fraction will likely engage that long. This alone shrinks actual “paid” views significantly.

Your images almost need to instantly grab attention for multiple seconds to have a shot at earnings. That takes very special photographs and lots of luck.

is ClickASnap legit

Putting It All Together

When you step back and look at the full picture, making real side money through ClickASnap seems very doubtful for most average photographers.

Too many barriers exist like:

  • Need tons of photo views to earn just cents
  • Paying monthly fees just to improve tiny view payouts
  • Minimum 15 dollar payout threshold
  • Strict 5-second view time requirement

Unless you already have a large audience following and fanbase to engage with your images, chances are low you’ll offset upgrade costs. Let alone build consistent photography income.

With so many constraints hampering earnings, ClickASnap works better as a supplemental income stream rather than a stand-alone money maker.

To make things even clearer, here are a few reviews from Trustpilot about ClickASnap.

ClickASnap review
is ClickASnap legit
ClickASnap review

What Should You Instead

While the idea of uploading photos and getting paid by views is tempting, there are better ways to make money with photography.

You have the opportunity to sell your photos on various stock photo marketplaces such as Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, 123RF, or Freepik.

Additionally, you can upload your photos and sell them on different products through print-on-demand marketplaces like Redbubble, FineArt America, Zazzle, or Displate.

In all cases, you can earn more by uploading your photos on ClickASnap.

Bottom Line

ClickASnap does present a unique concept for monetizing photography through views rather than sales.

However, actually generating meaningful income through the platform poses significant challenges for most users.

Approach with realistic expectations around the earning potential based on your existing audience reach if you do decide to try ClickASnap.

For casual photographers, income likely won’t be substantial. But it could provide some nice pocket change from a fun hobby.

And photographers already selling stock photos may benefit from expanded exposure and viewers. Just don’t expect miracles in terms of profits.

At the end of the day, all of us taking amazing pictures just want a way to make a buck from our creativity and passions! But most money-making websites still present obstacles.

If earning a true consistent wage from your work is the ultimate goal, explore more proven online business models. Affiliate marketing, selling informational courses, or using website builders represent great alternatives for photography side incomes!

The bottom line?

ClickASnap falls short for profitable stand-alone earnings but could complement existing photo sale pipelines.

Just brace for realistic revenue potential before uploading your portfolio.


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