AI HUSTLE LAB #9: Forget Blogging, Do This Instead for 2024

I hope you have a great day.

Today, I will be discussing why I believe traditional blogging is no longer effective and what the future holds for content creation.

Additionally, I will provide a tutorial on a business model that focuses on identifying problems and selling solutions to generate income.

Furthermore, there is a video that explores the possibility of earning money simply by browsing the internet.

So, get your favorite drink ready, and let’s go right into these topics…

Article of the Week

Link: Why I Believe Newsletters Are Becoming the New Blogs

Why Should You Read It?

Today, it’s no longer sufficient to simply share your thoughts to attract an audience. Readers now seek more meaningful and personal connections with content creators.

This is why I strongly believe that email newsletters are emerging as the new blogs.

Newsletters provide creators with the opportunity to cultivate deeper and lasting relationships with their subscribers, while also offering a way to avoid solely relying on Google for traffic generation.

Tutorial of the Week

Link: The Problem Solution Business Model

What Will You Learn?

Imagine a fascinating concept where problems are viewed as opportunities. In this vision, businesses can transform challenges into profitable solutions, marking a departure from traditional models.

So, step into this mystical world with me as I unravel the art of crafting crises to sell solutions and discover the morality behind this bewitching business strategy.

Video of the Week

Link: I Tried to Make $300 Per Day With Brave Browser (How Much I REALLY Earned)

Why should you care?

This video shows you how the Brave Browser can be used to generate additional income.

Anyone who is thinking about making money with this method can learn about my experience attempting to earn $300 per day and discover the actual results I achieved.

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That’s all for this week…

See you next time.

Much Love, Miroslav

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