Using Affiliate Program to Make Extra Money in 2023

(Last Updated On: April 1, 2023)

If you’re looking for a way to make some extra money this year, affiliate marketing is a reliable way to do so.

It is one of the most popular ways to make money online.

All you need to do is find a quality product to promote and send traffic to your affiliate link; it’s that easy.

However, there are always some important things to keep in mind. You need to promote a high-quality product and find a relevant audience who may be interested in it.

To get you started on your journey, I want to show you a great digital product that allows for recurring commissions:

What is Simplified and is it Worth Promoting? Affiliate Program to Make Extra Money

Simplified is an all-in-one design platform that can be a go-to tool to do almost any kind of content creation.

One of its standout features is its AI assistant for content writing, which can generate quotes for your stories, reels, and social media posts at lightning speed.

In fact, with Simplified, you can easily design, scale, and publish images, videos, and more, all within a user-friendly platform.

You can use it to:

  • Create designs (1000s of free templates available)
  • Create videos (1000s of free templates available)
  • AI writing (30+ Copywriting templates)
  • Social media management for instant publishing
  • Team collaboration & more

But, how can you make money with it?

What is Affiliate Program?

While you can create stunning graphics and sell them on marketplaces like Etsy or Redbubble, a more logical way is to promote the platform to a niche-related audience.

In my opinion, is providing a great opportunity to earn money by promoting its platform.

As an affiliate, you can join their program and be provided with a special link that can be shared across multiple platforms.

Once accepted into the program, you’ll start earning commission for every conversion made through your unique link.

Moreover, you get something called recurring commissions, meaning that whenever the person you referred renews their subscription, you receive a percentage of their payment.

Eligibility Criteria for Joining the Program

Aspiring affiliate marketers for must fulfill the following requirements to qualify:

  • You must be 18 years of age or older.
  • You should have a website or social media account.
  • You have to accept their terms and conditions.

What Are the Benefits of joining a Simplified Affiliate Program?

As an affiliate marketer, you should always be looking to make a profit. Yes, being profitable is everything when it comes to affiliate marketing.

That is why you should only promote products that are of high quality, from reputable companies, and that offer good commissions and reliability.

With this in mind, here are some benefits of joining the affiliate program for

  • The ability to earn recurring commission on sales made through your unique affiliate link.
  • Access to promotional materials to help you promote the platform.
  • The opportunity to work with a reputable company with a strong reputation for customer satisfaction.

How to Join Simplified Affiliate Program

Joining the affiliate program for is easy!

All you need to do is go to the official website, scroll down to the footer menu, and click on the Affiliate Program link. Affiliate Program

In the next step, you will be redirected to the registration page, where you need to put your email, and password, put your website and social media links, and then register the account.

I don’t know how long it usually takes to get accepted on average, but in my case, I was accepted immediately.

How to Make Money with a Simplified Affiliate Program

The most difficult task for any affiliate marketer is getting traffic to their affiliate link.

Mastering this skill can make you rich in the long run.

When accepted to the affiliate program on Simplified, you receive your affiliate link, which you then need to promote.

For every person you refer who purchases a subscription, you get 30% of their first payment and then 20% every time they renew their subscription. Affiliate Program

This system of payments is called a recurring commission, and it is one of the most popular among affiliate marketers.

For example, if someone purchases the Small Team plan at $30 per month, you will receive $10 for the first month and then $6 for every month the individual renews the monthly subscription.

You will continue to receive this $6 as long as they use the platform.

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Strategies for Maximizing Your Earnings

To maximize your earnings as an affiliate marketer for any product, consider implementing the following strategies:

  • Promoting the product on social media: Share your unique affiliate link on your social media accounts and encourage your followers to make a purchase.
  • Creating content about the product on your blog or website: Write blog posts, tutorials, and how-to videos and include your affiliate link in the content or description.
  • Offering exclusive deals to your audience: On special events like Black Friday or Ciber Monday, many companies offer special bonuses. Use this opportunity and share these bonuses with your audience.


Promoting high-quality products as an affiliate can be a great opportunity to make extra money. By promoting, you can build a lucrative extra income thanks to the recurring commissions.

However, successful affiliate marketing requires a lot of hard work, skill, and patience. Be prepared for that.

Frequently Asked Question

Wondering how the Affiliate Program works? Here’s a quick snippet:

How frequently are payments made?

Commission payments are issued every month; you will be emailed when the payout is completed.

What’s the Referral Cookie Life?

Referrals are traceable for 60 days only. If a sale is made after that period, it won’t be counted as a successful conversion through referral. It’s important to note this so you can make the most out of your referring program.

How Do You Get Paid?

The main payment method is Paypal and if you have a Paypal account you have to contact the support center.

My #1 Recommended Apps and Software To Earn Money

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Simplified – An all-in-one platform that combines a powerful AI writer, graphic designer, video editor, and social media planner into one simple platform. Try the free version.

Pictory – An AI-powered software that will create extraordinary videos from the text in seconds. Try the free trial.

inVideo – Create stunning videos, easily. InVideo is a powerful, online video editor. It comes packed with 5000+ templates, iStock media, a music library, filters, transitions, and much more. Read more.

Murf – Make studio-quality voice overs in minutes. Use Murf’s lifelike AI voices for podcasts, videos, and all your professional presentations. Try Murf for free. – The best AI writer on the market that will create a YouTube video script in a minute. Try Jasper with a 10,000-word FREE trial now. Go to the site.

Rytr – A budget AI writer that is great for unique content creation. It also offers a free plan which allows you to generate 5,000 characters per month using its AI tool. Go to the site.

Bluehost – The all-in-one solution that offers the world’s most popular site builder, unbeatable security, and user-friendly management, all in one smart package. Secure your discount.

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