How Can You Use AI Writer to Create and Sell Digital Products

(Last Updated On: January 15, 2023)

If you feel like spending hours writing content for your digital products is too much to handle, then you should check out AI writing tools like Jasper.

With these tools, you can create high-quality content in a flash and spend more time doing other enjoyable activities!

And in this article, I’ll show you how to use AI to create digital products that will absolutely blow your customers away!

Now that’s some AI power.

Use AI Writer to Create and Sell Digital Products

With AI writers, you can easily generate content that is tailored to the needs of your customers and produce high-quality digital products in a short time.

There are tons of AI writers on the market, and they are pretty much the same.

I have experience with Jasper and Rytr, and I love both of them.

Whether it’s ebooks, online courses, or webinars, AI writers can really help you create content that will keep your customers engaged.

Before attempting to create any of the mentioned digital products, you must follow these steps.

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Identify a Market or Niche for Your Digital Product

Before launching a successful digital product, you need to identify your target market or niche.

This should be your first step.

Whether it’s a book, course, or collection of articles on a certain topic, you need to find the right place for it!

You need to find an industry with high demand and one that you get fired up to work in!

That’s the key to your success.

For example, if you know a thing or two about dogs, why not create a digital product to teach people how to train their furry friends?

It’s a great niche to tap into – there are heaps of pup parents that need guidance on how to guide their pets through life’s trickier situations!

Research the Market

Once you’ve figured out the who, what, and why of your digital product, the next logical step is to do a deep dive into the market. It’s essential to get into your target audience’s head and craft something that they need and want!

Get researching!!

For example, if you are creating a dog training course, you should find out what’s trending in the doggy world. Plus, it’s worth finding out what’s troubling pup parents and how your course could help them solve those problems.

Better still – your course might even answer their prayers!

Use Jasper AI to Generate Content

The next step is to use Jasper to generate content for your digital product. With this tool and its Boss Mode feature, you can write long-form content in just a few minutes.

You can generate outlines, chapters, or even entire books or courses with ease, and be sure that the quality of your work is top-notch!

Jasper AI for blogging

For example, let’s say you’re creating a dog training course. With AI writer, you can quickly get your course in shape by coming up with an outline and all the sections and topics.

Once that’s done, leave the rest to this artificial intelligence as it creates the content you need.

Edit and Refine the Content

After creating your content, it’s time for the boring part: editing and refining! Don’t forget to devote a good amount of time to this step as it’ll ultimately determine how successful your digital product is.

Put in the effort – you don’t want low-quality content representing you.

For example, let’s say you’ve generated a dog training course. Go through the course and make sure it’s 100% accurate and comprehensible. Not only that, check if it’s visually pleasing with images for added flare.

Package and Market Your Digital Product

You’ve got your product, now it’s time to give it a nice package or cover and show off its amazing features. After all, you’ll want to make sure that your target audience can appreciate all the unique value your product has to offer!

Therefore, if you are selling a dog training course, you should emphasize that it is easy to understand and covers a wide range of topics.

Promote and Sell Your Product

Congratulations, you’re now ready to flaunt your digital product!

You can get the most out of it by selling it on popular marketplaces like Amazon, Gumroad, Udemy, or Coursera.

Additionally, you can use or Builderall and create a landing page to promote your product. This way, you can also collect emails and stay in contact with buyers. And don’t forget to use social media to promote your landing page.

Just be sure that your product is visible and available at prices that won’t put buyers off.


Crafting a product that stands out digitally can be daunting, but with the assistance of AI, it doesn’t have to be!

All you need to do is follow the simple instructions in this article and enjoy the amazing content created by artificial intelligence.

Who needs professional writers when you’ve got Jasper?

And remember, to create and sell a digital product, it is important to find your target market and do your research. Then comes the fun part: you get to edit and refine your content, give it attractive packaging, and spread the word about it.

Finally, you can make use of the right channels and make some money!

Easy peasy!

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