Earn $1000 PER WEEK IN FREE PAYPAL MONEY (Why This Method Doesn’t Work)

(Last Updated On: January 9, 2023)

The online world is full of interesting opportunities that may you make money.

What´s more, some of these opportunities may lead to a secondary income stream which is always something I recommend if you want to find financial freedom.

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The Method Behind Earning $1000 Per Week in Free Paypal Money

I’m always looking for new methods to earn money and that is why my feed on YouTube is full of videos about this topic.

Recently, I viewed a video, where the creator is showing people how to earn over one thousand dollars per week in free Paypal money. And that wasn’t all, you can earn this amount of money fast.

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The method, shown in the video, was about getting into a website marketplace, Flippa in this example, finds what websites are selling, and then goes to a freelance marketplace like Fiverr or Upwork and hires a person that will design a website for you.

After you get a newly designed website, then you sell it on Flippa for a profit.

Sounds great, and it looks really simple.

Is This Money-Making Method Legit?

However, there are tons of issues I have with this video, and many other similar videos, and also with the method overall.

To be honest, these methods mentioned in the video are legit.

I know people who make tons of money with this, but not everything is as simple as it seems.

And this is the first problem with these types of videos, they are looking at things without knowledge. They are showing people just results, but they don’t know almost anything about the process.

Making Money With Website Flipping

earn with flipping websites

This called money-making method is a combination of two things – website flipping and digital dropshipping.

Now is the time to explain these terms.

What is Website Flipping

Website flipping is investing in websites that are already making money, improving them by increasing traffic or revenue, and then selling the website for a profit.

What is Digital Dropshipping

On the other hand, digital dropshipping means that you find a seller for a digital product or service and then you hire a person who will make this digital product for you. You are always hiring a designer or developer for a cheaper price than you sell it to the buyer. The difference is your profit.

Both these methods are legit ways to make money and you can start a whole business around them.

However, to be profitable, you have to know what to do.

Website Flipping is Not So Easy

earn free paypal money

Combining these two methods and using them to sell websites on a marketplace like Flippa is not the best idea.

I’ll be happy to explain why.

While we are living in times, where people are buying websites like crazy, most of them know what they want to buy.

Almost all buyers are looking for websites with solid traffic which consists of unique visitors.

Another metric they want to see is the website revenue.

As you can see, here are all the issues with this money-making method.

While you can hire a person who will develop a website for one hundred or two hundred dollars, you can not expect such a website would sell with profit.

To make things simple, let’s say, that a price of a website is calculated from monthly revenue multiplied by twenty.

So, if your website is earning one hundred dollars each month, you can sell it for two thousand dollars.

And if the website has a growing tendency, it may be sold for three thousand or four thousand dollars.

This is just a basic calculation, but the evaluation works this way.

Let’s assume, you hire a developer to create a website for you. It will cost you two hundred dollars. Done, you have a website, but without revenue and traffic.

To get traffic, you need to write at least 30 articles and each one has over one thousand words.

But this is not all, to get traffic from Google you need at least 3 months, but in most cases 6 months, to see your articles ranking in the search results.

Let’s assume you have found a cheap writer who will write these 30 articles for five dollars each. Now your invention into the website is around 350 dollars and then add cheap hosting for at least 6 months and we are talking about four hundred dollars.

To get break even with your invention, you need to sell your website for 450 dollars, this includes all the taxes and commission for the Flippa marketplace.

To sell a website for this amount of money, it needs to earn at least 20 dollars per month. It doesn’t matter if these earnings come from affiliate commissions or just from ads on the websites.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, flipping websites is time-consuming, but it can also be insanely profitable when you know what are you doing.

If you are new to this, just build a website from scratch. Use platforms like WordPress or Wix and write all the articles by yourself to save money.

In a few months, if done correctly, you should see some traffic to the website, and then you can start putting affiliate links into the articles and put some advertisements on the site.

And then after a few months, you can sell the website.

Or you can keep it, and write more articles, or hire a few writers to add more content.

I have a portfolio of websites, and I know how lucrative this side hustle can be.

For me, this is already a business, and I’m always recommending anyone to try to build this income stream.

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