Can You Monetize Motivational Videos on YouTube in 2023

(Last Updated On: January 9, 2023)

Most people are starting a YouTube channel with the goal to make money. And there is nothing wrong with it.

However, many people are trying to get into YouTube for easy money. 

I mean, they are starting a faceless channel where they are creating simple videos, sometimes with the so-called copy-and-paste method.

Do Not Use Copy and Paste Videos on YouTube

monetize motivational videos with ads

I’m not surprised, because a simple search for the term “make money on YouTube” will show you hundreds of videos, where so-called gurus are talking about how easy is to create a channel with this simple method.

And one of the easiest channels you can start on YouTube, according to these people, is in the motivational or relaxation niche

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They are talking about simple videos with text overlays, about videos with rain or nature sounds, and they are telling you that you can make thousands of dollars every single month.

This sounds like heaven, even to me.

These gurus are showing you a SocialBlade page for these channels as proof that this motivational or meditational channel is monetized and how much such channels are earning each month.

Can You Monetize Motivational Videos with Ads?

However, these people are forgetting to mention one important thing. If you want to make money on YouTube, you want to get accepted into the YouTube Partner Program. And there are some strict rules you have to follow.

The minimum eligibility requirements to get accepted into the YouTube Partner Program are 1000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours in the last 12 months.

Requirements for YouTube monetization

Unfortunately, this is just the beginning.

You will get accepted only if your content is suitable for YouTube.

And here comes the huge problem with these copy-and-paste videos.

Very often these videos fall into the category of repetitious content, which means you have a template you are using over and over again in your videos.

In other words, channels, where content is only slightly different from video to video, are not allowed to monetize. That said, your channel shouldn’t consist of content that’s automatically created or produced using a basic template. 

Some examples of content that is not allowed for monetization are:

  • Content that exclusively features readings of other materials you did not initially create, like a text from websites or news feeds
  • Songs modified to change the pitch or speed, but are otherwise identical to the original
  • Similar repetitive content, or mindless content with low educational value, commentary, or narrative
  • Templated, mass-produced, or programmatically generated content
  • Image slideshows or scrolling text with minimal or no narrative, commentary, or educational value

Another thing that will prevent you from getting monetized is reused content.

If we are talking about reused content, we are talking about reusing someone else’s content without adding significant original commentary or educational value.

Luckily, there is some exception for reused content, and here are a few examples of what’s allowed to monetize (including but not limited to): 

  • Using clips for a critical review
  • A scene from a movie where you’ve rewritten the dialog and changed the voiceover
  • Replays of a sports tournament where you explain the moves a competitor did to succeed
  • Reaction videos where you comment on the original video
  • Edited footage from other creators where you add a storyline or commentary

This is what is allowed by YouTube and gets you accepted into their partner program.

However, there are also a few examples of what is not allowed to monetize on this video platform.

  • Clips of moments from your favorite show edited together with little or no narrative
  • Short videos you compiled from other social media websites
  • Collections of songs from different artists (even if you have their permission)
  • Content uploaded many times by other creators
  • Promotion of other people’s content (even if you have permission)

So, now that you know about all the rules you have to follow to get accepted into the YouTube Partner Program, then take a look at some videos in the motivational or meditational niche, and tell yourself, if they are monetized.

And don’t be fooled by the fact that you are seeing an advertisement on the video, because YouTube is putting ads on every single video on the platform, even if the channel is not monetized.

Still, the question is, can you monetize these simple motivational videos with ads on YouTube… NO, at least this is my opinion.

One of the indicators, I’m using to check if the channel is monetized with YouTube ads is the Join button next to the big red subscribe button and the Thanks button under the video.

This is because only channels that are accepted into the YouTube Partner Program can use these features.

YouTube monetization

Make Money on YouTube without Ads

how to monetize motivational videos

However, monetizing your videos with ads is not the most lucrative way to make money on YouTube.

Yes, even if you cannot use ads on your channel, you can still make tons of money.

I’m talking about affiliate marketing.

With affiliate marketing, you are simply recommending other people’s products or services. You find a program or product that is related to the video or your niche, and then you put the affiliate link into the description of the video.

When someone clicks on the link from the description and buys the product you are recommending, you get a commission from the sale.

Let’s say you are getting $1 per sale of the product you are an affiliate for. And let’s say, you have made a video, that has 10,000 views.

Add to that the fact that the average conversion rate is around 1 or 2 percent, which means only one or two percent of people watching your video buy the product, then we get an interesting result.

10,000 × 1% = 100

With this simple equation, we get 100 potential buyers, which can lead to 100 dollars, just from one single video.

And all this without ad revenue.

However, this was just an example, because lots of these channels are selling their own courses, books, merchandise, or high-paying digital products, so they are earning more money from their videos.

As you can see, being an affiliate is more beneficial than getting your revenue only from ads. In my opinion, affiliate marketing or selling your own products is the best long-term strategy than relying on the YouTube Partner Program.


If you go back to the original question… can you monetize the motivational or meditational videos, then probably you cannot earn money with ads on your videos, but as you can see, there are more lucrative ways to make money from them.

When your videos are attracting lots of viewers, you can sell your courses, ebooks, and merch, get sponsorship deals or sell other products similar to your niche.

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