What Are the Best Male and Female AI Voices on Murf AI for YouTube Channel?

(Last Updated On: January 9, 2023)

Using text-to-speech software to create a narration for videos on YouTube has become more popular in recent years.

And with advanced technology, we can see more and more YouTube channels that are using this technology.

In this article, I want to show you the best male and female AI voices on Murf AI that I would definitely use on my YouTube channel.

I don’t see anything wrong with this.

Text-to-Speech and YouTube

Not everyone can talk to a microphone, not everyone can speak fluent English. But everyone has the option to create a YouTube channel and post interesting videos.

I understand that text-to-speech has a bad reputation. Many people think that it’s a lazy way to make videos and make money from them.

They also think that channels with AI voices will eventually become demonetized.

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The truth is, that even YouTube doesn’t give you a straightforward answer. At the moment, the use of AI voices is not against the rules, but the rules on YouTube are constantly changing, so we will see them in the future.

Here’s a list that seems to apply to the usage of text-to-speech voices.

  1. Content that exclusively features readings of other materials you did not originally create, like a text from websites or news feeds.
  2. Songs modified to change the pitch or speed, but are otherwise identical to the original.
  3. Similar repetitive content, or mindless content with low educational value, commentary, or narrative.
  4. Templated, mass-produced, or programmatically generated content.
  5. Image slideshows or scrolling text with minimal or no narrative, commentary, or educational value.

The reason why most text-to-speech video channels are demonetized is that they are making videos with reused content, or they are just reading other people’s text.

This is a case of infamous channels where the videos are all about reading Reddit answers.

In my opinion, using AI voices is the future of content creation and it will be widely used even on YouTube.

That is the reason why I have multiple channels where I use AI voices to read my video scripts. However, only one meets the minimum requirements for monetization and makes money through the ads.

That said, I have strict requirements for using AI voices, and I would never use a voice, that is sounding like a robot. In recent years, I have checked tons of tools that are claiming they have the best tool, but most of them are rubbish and I would never use them.

At the moment, I like only three tools: Murf AI, which is a text-to-speech online service with reasonable pricing and high-quality voices, Pictory, a video editing tool that can make videos from your script and add AI voices and WellSaid Labs, which is the most expensive tool on this list, but I use it.

In this part of the article, I want to show you the best AI voices on Murf AI, which I would use as narrators for my videos.

However, I have some requirements regarding AI voices. They must sound human, they must make pauses and intonations.

Logically not every voice available on Murf AI is suitable for me.

As with many other online services with subscription-based business models, you shouldn’t expect to get access to the best voices in the cheapest pricing plan.

And this is a case of Murf AI, where in the Basic plan, there are only a few decent voices you can use.

If you want, you can also read my honest Murf AI review.

What are the Best Male Voices on Murf AI

I strongly recommend watching the video above to understand how good some voices on Murf are.

In my opinion, only Ethan and John have decent quality when choosing voices on the Basic plan.

I think the voice of John is too slow and needs to be sped up. The voice of Ethan is great. I would use it without hesitation as a narrator for a video.

In fact, the voice of Ethan which is available in the basic version is one of the best voices on Murf, and is great that is available in the cheapest pricing plan.

And after testing other voices, I have a strong feeling that only Marcus is good enough for video narration.

While it mostly depends on the style of your video content, I think that only Ethan, Marcus, and maybe a voice of Ken, which has a strong accent can be used on YouTube.

To know how these voices are sounding, you should watch the video above.

What are the Best Voices on Murf AI Pro Plan

As you probably know, Murf AI has two main pricing plans, where the Basic comes with just a few voices, and in my opinion, none of the female voices here can be used as narrators on YouTube. They are too robotic.

Just listen to all of them.

I don’t say, these voices are bad, but I personally wouldn’t use them.

Luckily, the second pricing plan, the Pro plan on Murf AI offers much more voices and some of these female and male voices are good enough.

In fact, there are a few very interesting female voices on Murf AI on the Pro plan.

Please, understand, that you should know the type of videos you will be creating before you start choosing the voice that will represent your YouTube channel.

For example, explainer and educational videos need a calm yet good articulating voice and top 10 or list videos need a voice that is energetic and entertaining.

Always keep in your mind the type of videos you will have on your channel.

That said, I have found three great female voices on Murf AI that I would not hesitate to use on YouTube.

In my opinion, the best female voice is Rachel, then we have Brianna and Julie. The best male voices are Ethan and Marcus.

So, what do you think, are these voices good enough to be used on YouTube, or do they still sound a little bit robotic?

The voice of Rachel that is available on Murf AI is great and I would use it as the main voice. This female voice doesn’t sound like a robot, it is quite close to a human-sounding voice.

This same is valid for Ethan. These two voices are great and I would use them on any of my YouTube channels.

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